Living United

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by. We are going to have a great time learning more about ourselves and the God who started it all. We are family, you and I, bonded by this thing called love.

We all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if you used your key and discovered a treasure that would change your world? What if it unlocked peace and harmony within yourself and those around you?

We don’t start out knowing God’s love. His love is around us yet we must choose and seek to know it. It’s a love that is unconditionally committed. There is nothing in this world that is unreachable by the hand of God. This means that no matter what you have been through or done, good or bad, God’s hand is right there to hold you up so you can stand tall knowing that you are His beloved and He is captivated by you. He pledges Himself to you and He breaks down the barriers that cause division, with others as well as within ourselves. He brings about unity.

I have come to find such a love. My inner struggles have caused much headache for myself and those around me. I wanted answers that led to freedom so I sought truth, His truth. What I have found is a love that sees and hears me. A love of acceptance. A love that gives me purpose with a peaceful and healed heart.

This love is a person named Jesus. And this website is where you can discover for yourself who He is. I host an on-going, online Bible study. We will go verse-by-verse and I will explain what it means and how to apply it to your life. My heart’s desire is for everyone to discover the love that will satisfy every part of your being.

Come and join me as we journey down the road of faith that leads to abundant living.