Pardon Me

To be pardoned, vindicated, or even acquitted is a big deal. In this season of preparation before Easter, let God move your heart. Let God change the way you think and live your life. Jesus on the cross is a very big deal! Why? When you read Romans 3:21-31, you learn the why behind what … More Pardon Me

Desperate Pleas

Easter will be here in less than six weeks. It would be wise of us as His children to prepare ourselves. We can learn from the One who gave His all. Jesus Christ. The sweetest name to touch our lips and change our hearts. Jesus faced the biggest obstacle known to man. It is death … More Desperate Pleas

Dancing With God

On this day of celebrating love, stop and take a minute to hear your Heavenly Father whispering sweet nothings in your ear. His love for you is constant, unchanging, and eternal. You hear these whisperings the best when you are the closest to Him. Often, God whispers when you are dancing with Him; hand in … More Dancing With God