God Is True

Bible study is going to have a little different format today. You will read a section of scripture and then I will explain what God wants us to understand. Then I will leave you with some “Ask Yourself” questions. I would love some feedback. Is studying scripture easier this way or how I have been … More God Is True

Ignite Your Passion

We all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if you used your key and discovered a treasure that would change your world? A treasure that would upgrade you to first-class citizenship where your life will make a difference in the lives of others. I have good news! You have within … More Ignite Your Passion

Words to Live By

This is a great moment! We have made it to the final chapter of John! I hope you have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and I pray that you and Jesus are becoming best friends! He loves you with an undying and fervent love. We ended the last study with Jesus resurrecting from … More Words to Live By

My Amazing God

From Friday when Jesus died to Sunday, people waited. People wondered. I would guess people felt betrayed, lost, lied to maybe. “Jesus left us. How could He? He raised his friend from the dead yet He couldn’t raise Himself.” Reread John 11 for a refresher. So many questions swimming around in their heads. Then Sunday … More My Amazing God