The Lamb Of God

Read John 5:31-47. We continue to deepen our knowledge of who Christ is. I pray that this Christmas will be awe-inspiring for you. These verses are a continuation of Jesus speaking on who He is. Remembering from last week’s lesson, Jewish leaders continued to oppose who Christ says He is. Instead of retaliating, He continues … More The Lamb Of God

The Son of God

As we read today’s scripture lesson, John 5:16-30, may God deepen your readiness in celebrating His birth. We are going to learn, from Jesus Himself, who He is. As He goes about in His ministry, we see that He irritates the Jewish leaders. So much so that they want to kill Him! In my Bible, … More The Son of God

Faith That Heals

As we transition from thankfulness into gratefulness, let’s spend the month of December deepening our walks with God. We are made to follow after a tiny baby who grew into the greatest King! A King who went all the way in His love for us. It’s a crazy love since He gives man an opportunity … More Faith That Heals

Living Like Paul

I think the most inspiring man in Jesus’ time was Paul. He understood the love that Jesus pours out to us. In 2 Timothy 4:16-18, he gives a quick recap of his life. Because he welcomed Jesus into his life on the road to Damascus, see Acts 9:1-22, he faced many ups and downs throughout … More Living Like Paul