Look For The Good

Even during uncertain, turbulent times, good can be seen. A ray of hope, as some like to call it, can become visible when you look for it. As you celebrate with family and friends or if you like to be quiet, this Thanksgiving look for the good. It is there. You might have to squint … More Look For The Good

Small Talk

The greatest conversation between you and God is found in Psalm 27:7-8. It says, “Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with Me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.’” You have an amazing heavenly Father who not only loves … More Small Talk

The Best Day Ever

A day is coming for every believer that will trump even the best day the world could provide. It is the day when God calls you home. In that moment when you stand in front of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, knowing your struggles with your flesh and sin are now over with, will … More The Best Day Ever

Too Good To Be True

Can you imagine what it would have been like to experience Jesus’ resurrection? For those who chose to follow Jesus for the past three years while He ministered publicly, this news that He was alive after death caused a great shaking in their faith! News of this nature causes every believer to wrestle with questions … More Too Good To Be True