Sprouting Up

When we think of something sprouting up, we think of a newly planted garden. New life begins with a single seed. When placed in darkness and watered, the seed changes and expands with new growth. Eventually it pushes forth the soil of darkness and sprouts upward into what it is intended to be. May we … More Sprouting Up

New Year New You

God is calling each of us. We are to be listening and answering Him by making the necessary changes that He is asking of us. We are to be done with “trying”, which is in our own efforts, and begin to embrace change. Here is where God meets us in all His fullness. Here is … More New Year New You

Your Needs Are Met

Read John 6:1-15. This well-known story in Scripture is recorded only in the book of John. Jesus’ ministry was becoming quite popular and people followed Him for the wrong reason(s). Reread verses 14-15. They saw Jesus do miraculous signs and heal the sick and they wanted a piece of Him for themselves. People were living … More Your Needs Are Met

Crazy Love

Last week we talked about Lydia. She represents many of us. She has a successful career, is financially stable and worshiped God. She was found by a riverbank praying with other women. In Acts 16 we see that she listened to Paul and Silas talk about Jesus. As she listened to truth, God opened her … More Crazy Love