New Release

I cannot believe that this day has arrived. Almost five years ago, God called me to sit at my dining room table and mark out an outline for a book. A book that that will help others to walk with God. Throughout my adult life, God placed a dream, a desire to do something within … More New Release

Laser Focus

I am married to a woodsy warrior. Next week, it will be for 32 years. Rob has laser focus when it comes to hunting. Whether it be a deer or a turkey, he knows their patterns in each season as well as what will draw them in. He has become proficient in understanding them and … More Laser Focus

Steady Faith

To become steadfast in faith, you need to make a decision to accept what is deemed truth. You accept without objection to what you know to be absolute truth. You endure without yielding, remaining stable in all circumstances for you know that “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love … More Steady Faith

Awakened Faith

Is your heart awake? Is there a small flame that is flickering within your soul that desires more? A man named Bartimaeus would say, “Yes!” You see, Bartimaeus was blind which made life more difficult. So much so, that he was found begging in the city. Follow along in Mark 10: 46-52 to learn more … More Awakened Faith

Awaken Sleepyhead

God is calling us to rise up for such a time as this. Many voices are needed to awaken the souls of our sleepy brothers and sisters. “For God says, ‘At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you.’ Indeed, the right time is now. Today is the … More Awaken Sleepyhead

A Winnowed Heart

During this Easter season, God wants to work deep within your heart. Now is a great time to prepare your heart for new life to emerge. Every heart needs pruning on a regular basis. God is always tending to you, separating what is unnecessary from what is essential in His Kingdom. God needs to winnow … More A Winnowed Heart

Live Like A Tree

Spring is the season of new birth. Young life emerges from its winter slumber. Nature knows just what to do when a new season enters in. It knows to shed it’s dead exterior in Autumn and take a rest during wintertime before emerging with a new chance to bloom so it can show off God’s … More Live Like A Tree

Keep On Keeping On

Easter is approaching and we have the divine privilege to celebrate the greatest event ever to take place on earth. To most people it’s not that great. They may acknowledge the event but it doesn’t change them. The wonderful thing about the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that we can celebrate Him 24/7. When we … More Keep On Keeping On