Words to Live By

This is a great moment! We have made it to the final chapter of John! I hope you have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and I pray that you and Jesus are becoming best friends! He loves you with an undying and fervent love. We ended the last study with Jesus resurrecting from … More Words to Live By

My Amazing God

From Friday when Jesus died to Sunday, people waited. People wondered. I would guess people felt betrayed, lost, lied to maybe. “Jesus left us. How could He? He raised his friend from the dead yet He couldn’t raise Himself.” Reread John 11 for a refresher. So many questions swimming around in their heads. Then Sunday … More My Amazing God

It Is Finished

They did it. They silenced Jesus. I am sure the religious leaders walked around pretty proud of themselves. It’s time to go back to normal and wait for the real messiah to show up. Soon, they will realize their faux paus. Go ahead and read John 19:28-42. Let’s see what God wants us to learn … More It Is Finished

Wrongful Death

To be falsely accused is hard enough but to be put to death all because you love others is ludicrous. It is so out of place that it’s ridiculous! But God did what God had to do when love is the driving force. He sent His Son to die in our place. He loves us … More Wrongful Death

Falsely Accused

Have you ever been falsely accused? Have you ever been judged prematurely or misunderstood? Today, we are going to study how one man, Jesus, faced these accusations with grace and love. Let’s see what we can learn that will help us to follow Him more deeply. Go ahead and read John 18:28-40. We learn from … More Falsely Accused

Be Prepared

The end to Jesus’ ministry on earth is coming to a close. Jesus continues to prepare His disciples for what is going to take place. Let’s continue on in studying the book of John. We are in chapter 16. Go ahead and read verses 1-15. We ended the last study lesson with Jesus telling His … More Be Prepared