Magnificent Unity

We studied on Tuesday how we are to live like royalty now that we are believers in God’s Son. We have been raised up to new life and a new way of living. We are alive in Christ! Paul continues on in the second chapter of Ephesians showing us how Christ dissolves division and unites … More Magnificent Unity

Live Like Royalty

Last week we studied Ephesians 1 and we learned how much God wants us to be with Him. If you need a refresher, go back and reread the last two blogs and see who we become when we follow hard after Jesus. Our identity goes from obscurity to being acknowledged and seen by the King … More Live Like Royalty

God Wants You

Paul continues to shower us with good things as we study the rest of Ephesians 1. We acquire quite a resume of traits when we follow Jesus. We learned that we bring God pleasure and joy when we choose to follow His Son. Great things are in store for God’s children and Paul wants everyone … More God Wants You

A Gratifying Life

As we navigate through the book of Romans, Paul continues to teach us how to not sweat the small stuff in how we see our brothers and sisters in Christ living day to day. He gives us two examples in Romans 14, one is with food and the other is when to worship God. We … More A Gratifying Life

Living Out Loud

We are continuing to learn how to become image-bearers to the King of king as we study Romans. Paul shows us in today’s lesson from Romans 13 how to live out loud as Christ followers. Go ahead and read chapter 13. This chapter is divided into two parts. The first part is on having respect … More Living Out Loud