Okay, I’m going to admit it. I am a professional wrestler. On the outside you wouldn’t describe me as one, but on the inside where only I can see, it’s another story. I appear like I have it all together but inside there is a whole different world! I have a mindset that needs corralling and guidance from its temperamental ways. My dad had nicknamed me when I was little, Pepper, for anger was a strong emotion within me. It’s a trait that I still question, “Why this emotion God? Why do have I to bear this burden?”

Today, I am in that mature age of life. The mirror doesn’t deny it nor the fact that I have been married for 30+ years. I have a son who is newly married and is in ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) along with his bride and a daughter who found a “job” after college, an internship with Disney in Florida where she is honing her marketing skills. Who’s left?  Just my woodsy warrior and I once again along with our rescued dog, Lola.

I am a writer, wife and mother from Minnesota. I am known as the “crazy coaster lady”, riding roller coasters is my happy place. I also love cuddling animals, mentoring young mamas, serving my family and uplifting those around me. I am a breast cancer survivor as well as an experienced auntie. I’ve been one since I was three years old.

My favorite role was being a stay-at-home mama. As that season is transforming into mothering adult children, I am seeking what is next. I want to share the passion that has been building inside of me, the understanding to my questions about life. I find I am braver in this mature season, willing to try new things and continuing to seek truth. I have been seeking truth since I was thirteen. What I have discovered is this truth has changed me from the inside out. This truth has healed and calmed my anger as well as iron out my temperamental mindset. I am becoming freer each day to be who I was intended. No one becomes truly free while on this earth but we each are a work in progress to getting there. What I have experienced, I want every other person to know the freedom that sets your soul free!

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at caroljoygerman@gmail.com.