God Is True

Bible study is going to have a little different format today. You will read a section of scripture and then I will explain what God wants us to understand. Then I will leave you with some “Ask Yourself” questions. I would love some feedback. Is studying scripture easier this way or how I have been … More God Is True

Ignite Your Passion

We all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if you used your key and discovered a treasure that would change your world? A treasure that would upgrade you to first-class citizenship where your life will make a difference in the lives of others. I have good news! You have within … More Ignite Your Passion

Words to Live By

This is a great moment! We have made it to the final chapter of John! I hope you have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and I pray that you and Jesus are becoming best friends! He loves you with an undying and fervent love. We ended the last study with Jesus resurrecting from … More Words to Live By