An American Travesty

Jesus says in Luke 21:33, “Heaven and earth will disappear, but My words will never disappear.” Stop and allow God to speak to your heart with this truth. This truth should instill a thirst for the scriptures. So much so, that you drink them in regularly with an open heart that desires to receive His … More An American Travesty

Anticipating God

Yesterday morning, I woke up, read my Bible, and asked God, “What do you want me to do today? I could keep deep cleaning around the house or go Christmas shopping or work on my devotional book.” I went about my morning routine waiting for God to lead me in one of these ways. Little … More Anticipating God

Silent Sins

Today is the day for Americans to let God intervene in their lives. Today is the day for change, and this change begins within each home, and within each heart. Families need to fight for truth and justice or else silent sins will take you and I down, then our families, then our neighborhoods and … More Silent Sins

Living For His Glory

It is good to know that you receive a Kingdom that is unshakable. In Christ, you are called to be thankful as you please God by worshipping Him with holy fear and awe, see Hebrews 12:28. The author of Hebrews ends his book with additional insight into what life should look for believers in God’s … More Living For His Glory