A Watchful Eye

Can you imagine what believers thought at the time of Jesus’ arrest and trial? They spent time with Him and saw for themselves His mighty power. He healed the sick and raised the dead back to life. But now, Jesus was charged with crimes He did not commit and was hanging on a cross like … More A Watchful Eye

A Peaceful Harvest

During this pandemic, believers have a great opportunity to brag about Christ. God has given His children the greatest message that needs telling over and over and over to a world that is dying away. Unfortunately, we can’t lead others to Jesus when we, ourselves, are not walking in the ways of the Lord, and … More A Peaceful Harvest

Prone To Wander

Today is the best day of your life. You have an opportunity to make changes, changes that would better your life. I don’t mean financially better. Money can be taken in an instant, and you can’t take it with you when you die. What I mean by better is that you go deep in faith … More Prone To Wander

Today is The Day

Today is the day where you have choices, choices that will either enhance your life or cause it to wither. God gives each of us the choice to choose an abundant life or a good life. For some, they choose neither and go down a dark road. Today, you have a choice. You can either … More Today is The Day

God Is True

Bible study is going to have a little different format today. You will read a section of scripture and then I will explain what God wants us to understand. Then I will leave you with some “Ask Yourself” questions. I would love some feedback. Is studying scripture easier this way or how I have been … More God Is True

Today Is The Day

We are continuing on in studying John 12. In our last lesson we studied Mary anointing Jesus with her hair. She was showing Him gratitude and honor. Afterwards Jesus went to Jerusalem. This was the start of the world celebrating His arrival as the King of Kings yet we know from the scriptures, Jesus is … More Today Is The Day

Eyes That Can See

Read John 8:21-30. Jesus continues teaching the crowds. He is preparing everyone for the main event that will be taking place in John 19-20. He is doing everything possible to make sure people are understanding who He is and what it means to believe. QUESTION: What does Jesus say in verse 21 that will probably … More Eyes That Can See

The Messiah

Read John 7:25-36. Jesus continues to share who He is with people for He knows His time is short. He will be leaving Earth and He needs to prepare everyone for what is about to take place. In chapter seven, we have seen how people, even Jesus’ own family, is having a hard time understanding … More The Messiah