Manifesting Faith

Life would be much easier if you could pray for Jesus to answer your every whim and desire without having to think about it. In Matthew 15:21-28, you see that this isn’t so. Jesus moves you and I forward in faith in such a way where dependence will take place rather than God becoming a … More Manifesting Faith

Into The Unknown

“I can hear you, but I won’t. Some look for trouble while others don’t. There are a thousand reasons I should go about my day and ignore your whispers which I wish would go away.” Many of you may be singing as you read this. These are the beginning lyrics to a familiar song from … More Into The Unknown

A Farmer’s Tale

Your heart is God’s garden. Beautiful things grow when God is allowed to plow up the soil, remove any weeds that don’t belong, and plant seeds that will bear great fruit for His Kingdom. In Matthew 13:1-23, Jesus shares a parable, a story that helps illustrate the truths that He is speaking about. This particular … More A Farmer’s Tale

New Year, New You

Everyone has had their life disrupted in one way or another. While disruptions make life more challenging, tiring, and downright hard, as you walk into 2022 remember that God is with you, and He is in control of every disruption and challenge you face. As you ring in the new year, study some encouraging words … More New Year, New You

Peace For Christmas

God desires for you to live in peace. He made it possible when He sent His Son down to earth over 2,000 years ago. Right from conception, Jesus began changing hearts. Read how God began using Jesus in Luke 1:39-45. “Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.”41 This is the secret sauce to having deep … More Peace For Christmas

Pursuing Passion

I want to pursue Christ like the wise men did long ago. God promised a Savior and a group of men watched the skies closely for God to unveil His plan. They studied the scriptures, God’s very own words given to all mankind, and orientated themselves to see with their own eyes the splendor of … More Pursuing Passion