Humbled Silence

We are continuing on in studying Habakkuk. He is a prophet that is tired of seeing the world in a mess. Around him he sees misery and evil. The only thing he knows what to do is to tell God and rely on Him to make things right. He had the right posture as a … More Humbled Silence

A Divided Debate

Today’s scripture study is broken into two parts. The first part is John 7:37-39. Jesus gives us a promise. Read this part. We have reached the final day of the festival. Soon, everyone will be dispersing and returning home. Notice how He begins speaking. QUESTION: What is Jesus’ posture and how does He speak in … More A Divided Debate

Know and Believe

Read John 6:60-71. In our last lesson, we studied the conversation Jesus had with many people who were fed with a couple fish and some bread. He went on to tell how He is the bread of life. We discovered how patient He was with them. They had a difficult time understanding what He was … More Know and Believe

Faith That Heals

As we transition from thankfulness into gratefulness, let’s spend the month of December deepening our walks with God. We are made to follow after a tiny baby who grew into the greatest King! A King who went all the way in His love for us. It’s a crazy love since He gives man an opportunity … More Faith That Heals