Living Unrushed

Take a deep breath and think about this word, unrushed. What comes to your mind? What would your life look like if you lived each day this way? I have a feeling that God would love for you to live unrushed. Jesus did, His disciples did, and you can too. As you think about your … More Living Unrushed

Undeserved Favor

This Christmas, take some time to really think about the nativity scene. God sending His Son down from perfect heaven to a very not so perfect world. Why? Because this world is corrupt, immoral, and vile, and Jesus was willing to come and combat sin on our behalf. Every human being is incapable of becoming … More Undeserved Favor

A Christmas Prayer

In God’s Word there is a prayer that is spoken by Christ Himself. You can read its entirety in John 17. I want to focus on verses 20-26. It is the very words of Christ for you and I today. May this Christmas become the most beautiful one yet. What makes Christmas beautiful is not … More A Christmas Prayer

Ferocious Faith

Why Jesus came to earth as an infant is a big enough reason to have ferocious faith. A faith so intense that it affects every part of your life, right down to your soul. From studying God’s Word, you know that Jesus gave His all for every human being in every generation. He experienced what … More Ferocious Faith