New Release

I cannot believe that this day has arrived. Almost five years ago, God called me to sit at my dining room table and mark out an outline for a book. A book that that will help others to walk with God. Throughout my adult life, God placed a dream, a desire to do something within … More New Release

A Quenched Soul

It is important to recognize that our souls are thirsty. When we do recognize our parched mouths, we begin to search for something that will quench it where we become satisfied. Isn’t it like us to search for perishable things that are short-lived? Don’t we pick and choose what tantalizes our senses and meets our … More A Quenched Soul

Magnificent Unity

We studied on Tuesday how we are to live like royalty now that we are believers in God’s Son. We have been raised up to new life and a new way of living. We are alive in Christ! Paul continues on in the second chapter of Ephesians showing us how Christ dissolves division and unites … More Magnificent Unity

Ignite Your Passion

We all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if you used your key and discovered a treasure that would change your world? A treasure that would upgrade you to first-class citizenship where your life will make a difference in the lives of others. I have good news! You have within … More Ignite Your Passion

Abiding In Truth

Amidst such turmoil that we are experiencing in our world, we have solid truth that we can stand upon and know that good will prevail. We are very fortunate my friends. We will see from today’s study that God has impeccable timing. He will teach us how to live in this dark world. Last week … More Abiding In Truth