Living For His Glory

It is good to know that you receive a Kingdom that is unshakable. In Christ, you are called to be thankful as you please God by worshipping Him with holy fear and awe, see Hebrews 12:28. The author of Hebrews ends his book with additional insight into what life should look for believers in God’s … More Living For His Glory

A Peaceful Harvest

During this pandemic, believers have a great opportunity to brag about Christ. God has given His children the greatest message that needs telling over and over and over to a world that is dying away. Unfortunately, we can’t lead others to Jesus when we, ourselves, are not walking in the ways of the Lord, and … More A Peaceful Harvest

Heavenly Worship

God’s Presence is what you are searching for. When you sit in His Presence, you are the most complete and satisfied. Everything in your life pales when you sit at your Lord’s feet. Do you realize that God yearns for your presence? Before Christ, man had a system of worship which was led by priests … More Heavenly Worship

Stagnant Water

Jesus is the living water that flows within you. In John 7:38, Jesus says, “Anyone who believes in Me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from His heart.’” God is meant to flow through you, to be active and moving at all times. In your flesh, it’s … More Stagnant Water