Faith Class 501

You have reached the final chapter of James. I hope God has encouraged you as you are becoming more and more dependent on Him. You have found James to be a very straightforward “slave of God,” as he described himself in back in 1:1. He taught you that following Jesus encompasses your whole being. Take … More Faith Class 501

Faith Class 401

Last time in Bible study you learned what true wisdom from God looks like along with understanding how dangerous your tongue is. You can praise God one minute and curse Him the next. You and I are learning how we need to be dependent on Christ in all areas of our lives, and this dependence … More Faith Class 401

Faith Class 201

James taught us some basic fundamentals in the first chapter of James. We must have faith that endures temptations for we will be challenged in this world. We can count on God to help us. We learned that it is vital to listen and do what the Bible says. Chapter 2 continues on by adding … More Faith Class 201

Faith Class 101

We are going to learn very practical ways to live out the gracious faith that God gives those who believe in His Son as we study the book of James. As the Old Testament Proverbs give us insight into everyday living, James is the New Testament Proverbs. James is the 1/2 brother of Jesus which … More Faith Class 101