Faith Class 401

Last time in Bible study you learned what true wisdom from God looks like along with understanding how dangerous your tongue is. You can praise God one minute and curse Him the next. You and I are learning how we need to be dependent on Christ in all areas of our lives, and this dependence … More Faith Class 401

Faith Class 301

Today, we are studying chapter three from the book of James. Go ahead and read it. If we can grasp what James wants us to learn here, we will find life will go a lot more smoother. I believe we all would agree that our tongues gets us into a lot of trouble. The words … More Faith Class 301

Faith Class 101

We are going to learn very practical ways to live out the gracious faith that God gives those who believe in His Son as we study the book of James. As the Old Testament Proverbs give us insight into everyday living, James is the New Testament Proverbs. James is the 1/2 brother of Jesus which … More Faith Class 101

Humbled Silence

We are continuing on in studying Habakkuk. He is a prophet that is tired of seeing the world in a mess. Around him he sees misery and evil. The only thing he knows what to do is to tell God and rely on Him to make things right. He had the right posture as a … More Humbled Silence

New Release

I cannot believe that this day has arrived. Almost five years ago, God called me to sit at my dining room table and mark out an outline for a book. A book that that will help others to walk with God. Throughout my adult life, God placed a dream, a desire to do something within … More New Release

Laser Focus

I am married to a woodsy warrior. Next week, it will be for 32 years. Rob has laser focus when it comes to hunting. Whether it be a deer or a turkey, he knows their patterns in each season as well as what will draw them in. He has become proficient in understanding them and … More Laser Focus

Live Like A Tree

Spring is the season of new birth. Young life emerges from its winter slumber. Nature knows just what to do when a new season enters in. It knows to shed it’s dead exterior in Autumn and take a rest during wintertime before emerging with a new chance to bloom so it can show off God’s … More Live Like A Tree