Why You Need Jesus

In studying the book of Hebrews, you learn a great deal about Jesus. You gain a clear understanding of who He is and why you desperately need to follow Him home. Jesus is the answer to the problem that plagues every human being. We are sinful. We fall short of God’s glorious standard, see Romans … More Why You Need Jesus

Heavenly Worship

God’s Presence is what you are searching for. When you sit in His Presence, you are the most complete and satisfied. Everything in your life pales when you sit at your Lord’s feet. Do you realize that God yearns for your presence? Before Christ, man had a system of worship which was led by priests … More Heavenly Worship

Divine Minister

At the end of Hebrews 4, you read that Jesus entered back into heaven as the High Priest. No one else is needed to intercede on man’s behalf to God. Jesus understands your weaknesses and He, too, was tested the way you are so He is able to help you. This High Priest grants mercy … More Divine Minister