Hey, Pay Attention!

When you study the letters that Paul wrote to churches, you notice a common theme. Paul would tell followers of Jesus, “Hey, pay attention!” Often, early believers would be fervent in their faith for Christ, but over time their faith would wane. Day-to-day life would become a distraction. False prophets would speak of anything but … More Hey, Pay Attention!

Wilderness Living

Many like to escape to the wilderness and become more in tune with nature. It’s easier to focus and reprioritize things in your life when you are out in God’s creation. With God, He often places His children in wilderness settings to help them refocus or reprioritize their lives. Things have gotten in the way … More Wilderness Living

Trouble Is brewing

You find in Paul’s writings to the churches, many appeals for believers to live in harmony. In one of his letters to the church in Corinth, Paul appeals by the authority of the Lord Jesus. If coffee was the only thing brewing when God’s children gathered for worship, a letter wouldn’t be needed. Unfortunately, believers … More Trouble Is brewing

The Great Reset

Over the holidays, we got rid of cable. The TV was set for it, yet when we disconnected the cable and tried connecting a streaming service, my husband and daughter had some issues. It appeared to not want to work. I mentioned to them that maybe unplugging the TV may reset it and perhaps it … More The Great Reset

Living Unrushed

Take a deep breath and think about this word, unrushed. What comes to your mind? What would your life look like if you lived each day this way? I have a feeling that God would love for you to live unrushed. Jesus did, His disciples did, and you can too. As you think about your … More Living Unrushed