Laser Focus

I am married to a woodsy warrior. Next week, it will be for 32 years. Rob has laser focus when it comes to hunting. Whether it be a deer or a turkey, he knows their patterns in each season as well as what will draw them in. He has become proficient in understanding them and … More Laser Focus

Keep On Keeping On

Easter is approaching and we have the divine privilege to celebrate the greatest event ever to take place on earth. To most people it’s not that great. They may acknowledge the event but it doesn’t change them. The wonderful thing about the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that we can celebrate Him 24/7. When we … More Keep On Keeping On

A Globalized Love

The human race is made to know God. All of us have been created to follow the one true God. Every ethnicity and culture exists to worship the God of Heaven and Earth. We are made to live in harmony and unity with God’s love bonding us together. Psalm 67 reveals what our world would … More A Globalized Love

Today is The Day

Today is the day where you have choices, choices that will either enhance your life or cause it to wither. God gives each of us the choice to choose an abundant life or a good life. For some, they choose neither and go down a dark road. Today, you have a choice. You can either … More Today is The Day

God Hears My Heart

As I was waking up with my dog snuggled by my legs to keep warm on this cold Minnesota morning, God and I said, “It’s showtime!” For the past 18 months, I have been creating momentum on social media for this very day. My book, “God Hears My Heart,” is now available for pre-order. By … More God Hears My Heart

Open Hands

I struggle with having expectations. In my mind, I like to play out how a situation may happen, how I hope it occurs. You could say it is how I prepare myself, you know, have a little control. Then reality sets in and what I thought would happen doesn’t. This leaves me feeling frustrated, which … More Open Hands