Impeccable Timing

Go ahead and read John 4:43-54. Today’s reading is Jesus’ second miraculous sign recorded. The first was when He changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana. Now, we will see how Jesus has great power. He has the ability to heal illnesses. Notice how He doesn’t even have to be present to heal. … More Impeccable Timing

Thirst No More

Read today’s scripture, John 4:1-42. We will study the conversation between Jesus and a woman. In verse 4, it says, “He had to go through…” Jesus chose that route so He can have opportunities to reach outcasts, those who felt despised. Hmmm, do you feel this way? If Jesus sought out misfits in His day, … More Thirst No More

The Beauty of Christ

Today we are going to see the beauty of Christ. Read John 3:22-36. Jesus and His disciples left Jerusalem and went to the Judean countryside and were baptizing people. At the same time, John the Baptist was baptizing people at another location. We see two groups of believers overlapping one another; Old Testament believers and … More The Beauty of Christ

Be The One

Living by our five senses can hinder our walk with God. The very things that God created within us can be barriers to walking with Him. Our sight get focused, our hearing tuned in, we touch, smell and taste things that tantalize us. We are made for God and we are to live where He … More Be The One