A Peaceful Soul

God desires for you to live in such a way that His peace remains intact no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Since Christ is peace, and He lives within your heart permeating every fiber of your being, you are able to abide in Him. Take some time and look up scripture on abiding … More A Peaceful Soul

Pursuing Passion

I want to pursue Christ like the wise men did long ago. God promised a Savior and a group of men watched the skies closely for God to unveil His plan. They studied the scriptures, God’s very own words given to all mankind, and orientated themselves to see with their own eyes the splendor of … More Pursuing Passion

Challenging Faith

What are you facing today? Does life feel like one blow after another? You come out of one trying circumstance to be thrown into another one. You never know what the day holds, but thankfully you have access to the One who has all your circumstances under control. Your life may not feel like it’s … More Challenging Faith