The Greatest Reward

The greatest reward isn’t a gold medal in the Olympics, or to have riches like Elon Musk. It wouldn’t even come close to being the person discovering the cure for cancer. The greatest reward bestowed to man is within reach of every person ever born, unfortunately way too many ignore it. Take the man in … More The Greatest Reward

Shifting Seasons

The calendar says spring, yet the temperature outside still says winter. When I walked my dog this morning, I needed my winter coat, my hat and mittens. Minnesota fights the change from winter to spring. It simply does not want to let go. I realized that my heart is the same way. I get settled … More Shifting Seasons

Simple Love

God’s love is very simple. Jesus chose to leave heaven and become like you and me for one reason, to die in our place. Because of sin, we are hopeless, and we need saving. This week marks the final trek of Jesus’ journey to the cross. Thursday commemorates His final meal with His closest friends. … More Simple Love

Wounded Heart

Let’s face it, life is brutal, unkind, and unfair. Many are facing extreme circumstances where their lives are thrown into an upheaval, and they have no idea how they are going to land. Others are facing trials on a smaller scale. They are facing disappointments, hurts, unmet expectations, deferred hope, to name a few. In … More Wounded Heart