Embracing Love

God is everywhere. You cannot escape the love that He has for you. The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to embrace it. You desire it. You were made for it, yet you don’t seek it like you should. You miss out, and you wonder why your heart is lonely, needy, insecure perhaps? … More Embracing Love

Today is The Day

Today is the day where you have choices, choices that will either enhance your life or cause it to wither. God gives each of us the choice to choose an abundant life or a good life. For some, they choose neither and go down a dark road. Today, you have a choice. You can either … More Today is The Day

A Willing Heart

In my new book, “God Hears My Heart,” I explain how God relentlessly pursues you. His love goes beyond anything you can fathom for yourself. Human love is limited and conditional, while God’s love is boundless and unconditional. As God pursues you, He is wanting something in return. What He is waiting for is a … More A Willing Heart

God Hears My Heart

As I was waking up with my dog snuggled by my legs to keep warm on this cold Minnesota morning, God and I said, “It’s showtime!” For the past 18 months, I have been creating momentum on social media for this very day. My book, “God Hears My Heart,” is now available for pre-order. By … More God Hears My Heart

Time Well Spent

My son and I had a conversation a few years ago on what it will be like when believers are all up in heaven. We think it will be awesome to meet the 12 disciples and ask them what it was like to be with Jesus on earth. We wouldn’t be surprised if they turned … More Time Well Spent

Immediate Relief

Life is like a roller coaster. Some times it’s thrilling and fun and other times you yell out, “Get me off! I am so done with (whatever you are facing).” Some days, you ride along where the track is smooth and even, uneventful. Then there are days where you wish the hills would stop coming, … More Immediate Relief

Emotionally Spent

Some days are harder than others. No matter how hard you try, you have moments, days, or perhaps seasons where life is an uphill climb. Each step is arduous. Your feelings and emotions take hold and you feel like you are spinning out of control. You desperately try to grab onto something or someone that … More Emotionally Spent