A Happy Family

As we study the book of Ephesians, we are learning what godly living looks like. We know that when we walk with Christ, we shine His light brightly. Today, Paul is going to continue to show us how to have a happy family. When we each live out our intended roles, as God ordained, unity … More A Happy Family

United In Love

As we study Ephesians 4:1-16, we are going to understand why my website is titled, United In Love. We are going to see the passion that God placed within me to 1, write my story in book form, and 2, to start a ministry where we learn how to live united in love. Hang tight, … More United In Love

God Lives At Target

In my early days of my faith, I struggled with who I was. Insecurity should have been my middle name, not Joy. Since childhood, I have been plagued with self-doubt. A plague that affected every part of me and left me wondering who am I. Fast forward to adulthood, I am married with two children. … More God Lives At Target

Walking On Water

As this cartoon depicts, we never know when life throws us punches which makes for rough sailing in our lives. Yet God beckons us out of the boat to walk with Him. “Trust me“. Trust me with your children. Trust me in your marriage. Trust me with your career. Trust me with your finances. Trust … More Walking On Water