You Bring God Much Joy

When we follow the ways of God, He bring us into a unity where there is peace and harmony. We truly would live united in love if we each followed His lead.

We would be a force to be reckoned with. The world would not be able to ignore us!

Stop and think about that. Those who follow after evil would have to cower. Look at Acts 16:18 and see how Paul had authority over evil by simply using the name of Jesus. We have this power within us when the Holy Spirit lives within our repentant hearts.

As believers in God’s Son, we receive an infinite amount of blessings. The very first thing we receive when we say yes to Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Then, we receive power, great power, to battle the daily grind of being stuck in this decrepit world. We come to know that life on earth is not our home. We are made for another world; see Hebrews 13:14-15. We are to be living accordingly while we wait for Christ to come for us individually or corporately as a whole. One day soon, Jesus is returning to take His Church up to be with Him.

We are going to study what life looks like for us today so we can be prepared when Jesus calls us home to be with Him. The book of Ephesians gives us insight into how to live out God’s truths. Paul, an amazing learner of Christ, gives us insight into what God is expecting from His children. Go ahead and read Ephesians 1:1-14.

Notice how Paul begins Ephesians. He understands he has been chosen by God. Every believer is chosen, set apart, to accomplish His will on earth. Paul asks God to give his brothers and sisters in Christ grace and peace.

Paul shows us what life looks like for those who are faithful followers of Jesus. We receive an abundance of spiritual blessings.

ASK YOURSELF: Why do we receive such blessings, according to verse 3?

We are united in Christ. We are united in love.

Stop and meditate on verse 4. It is hard to grasp the idea that God knew us even before we were created within our mother’s wombs!

ASK YOURSELF: What are the four traits, given in verse 4, that describe our identity in Christ?

We are loved by God. He chooses us. We are holy and He looks upon us as if we have done nothing wrong! His blood erases our sins. God sees healed, unblemished souls.

Now, look at verse 5. Stop and let God talk to you. He adopts us into His family! When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become a part of a family where there is loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love.

We never walk alone again.

I love the second part of verse 5. God wanted to offer these things for you. You bring Him great pleasure! I want you to look in a mirror and tell yourself these truths: I am wanted, I am loved and I bring God joy just by being His child. God is with me forever more.

ASK YOURSELF: How are we to respond to these truths; look at verse 6?

It’s time to get our praise on for Christ! We are to praise God in every moment. God is not just on Sunday mornings or at dinner time with a prayer. God is everywhere and every breath you take is a gift from Him. Whether you are at work, play or serving your family, we do everything for the glory of God; see Ephesians 5:20. If God is alive within us in every moment, who are we to squash Him quiet?

Awaken to what is inside you.

We need not forget that God showers us with kindness and grace as He gives us wisdom and understanding, for He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and He forgave our sins; see verses 7-8.

When we walk in the Spirit, we are led by His truth. God reveals His plan to us. To hear, we simply need to stop, look up at Him, look down in His Word and believe. When we believe, He changes us from the inside out. He is preparing us for heaven.

ASK YOURSELF: Study verses 9-11. What glorious promise does God give us in verse 10 that rings in hope for our weary souls, especially during this crazy year we are all experiencing? What is another promise from God, in verse 11, that keeps us moving forward?

We see from the final few verses, that God saves all people. He does not segregate by ethnicity, whether one is rich or poor, educated or not, or anything in between.

God loves you. God loves you right where you are; marred, dirty, callous, scared. Sin has never deterred God from pursuing you.

When we choose to believe in Jesus Christ, we become His children. He gives us a best friend to walk with, the Holy Spirit. We inherit great riches when we follow Jesus. One day, we will see for ourselves the beauty of God. Until then, we are to praise and glorify Him as He transforms us into shining lights where we are able to lead others. We want them to also receive the amazing gifts that God bestows on those who follow His Son.

Our world needs people who are filled with the joy of the Lord. Who’s with me in walking united in love?

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