Lost on Abaco Island

Jumping in, into what God has already planned for us! It’s our job to seek Him and allow Him to change us.

This is my sister and I way back in the 1970’s at Round Lake in Upper Michigan.

I constantly think about the people in the Bahamas. They need our prayers, especially on Abaco Island, where their lives have been uprooted. We talked last week about change. It’s hard to change when life is predictable, so routine. But like we saw this past week, a storm can hit and uproot you. It can destroy everything you have worked for. It can shake you to your very core.

When a storm disrupts your norm, what do you do? Or more importantly, where do you go? Like I mentioned in my previous blog about my cancer, I knew where to go. His name is Jesus. I dove into His Word and held on tight! He is the only one that could do anything about my situation! When a storm like a hurricane or a cancer diagnosis or a lost job comes upon us, we are thrown into an upheaval and we quickly lose our way.

Heading back home from our week on Abaco Island. This is the airport in Marsh Harbour.

As you can see from this photo, we are all smiles from spending Christmas on a beautiful island. Go back a week to when we first arrived, we weren’t all smiles. We arrived in the dark at a rickety-style airport. We did not know how far away the house was that we rented. We were hoping the van we rented would fit 8 of us and all our suitcases. Baggage claim was a poster board sign written in a Sharpie marker next to a trailer with everyone’s luggage piled high in a disarray. Help yourself. We learned fast that we are not in the U.S.

All we had to go on was the directions the owners of the house gave us. Streets are not marked on Abaco Island. And did I mention, it’s dark out. Ron found our van, unlocked, with the keys under the mat. Free for the taking. We all wondered what we may have gotten ourselves into. We felt like we landed in a third-world country. Not knowing where we were was scary. None of us shared how we were feeling with each other at that time. There is something to be said for living united. We were glad we were together.

Praise God, we all fit in the van with all our stuff! God was taking care of us. Where do we go from here? We had vague directions to follow. We managed to find the one and only grocery store in Marsh Harbour. Normally they were closed but they stayed open, I guess for us travelers coming in. God was providing for our needs. Fitting like sardines inside our van, we knew we had to go north. How does one know which way north is when it’s dark? We guessed and went on our way which looked like a main road. Thankfully, I remembered I had a compass on my phone which revealed we were heading north! God leads faithfully.

Tired, hungry and in a different country, we were wondering what kind of place we rented and what it was really going to be like. It was by the grace of God that we managed to find the house, in the dark! We pulled in and made our way into our home for the next week. We weren’t ready for what we were about to see. We saw God, everywhere! I am not kidding you! Lights were on, a Christmas tree was lit and out on the back deck where you viewed the beach and water was a full moon. The moonlight glistened on the water and the stars were shining bright! We all stood on the deck basking in the beauty around us as well experiencing His Presence! The feeling that you made it was awe-inspiring. It was fitting to sing, “How Great Thou Art“, which we did. We knew God led us and we were thankful. We were ready to celebrate His birthday and it happened to be my birthday that day. God, you showed off in an amazing way!

God faithfully leads His children

While living on this earth we are all lost. We each must make our way back home. Home is found in God. We are lost because of sin which makes Earth be in a state of confusion, for the time being. God will restore it one day but until then, He gave us a compass to lead us home. This compass has a name. The greatest, most powerful name, Jesus Christ. Earthly confusion leaves us lost, dark, tired and hungry yet God wants us to find Him so He can lead us out of this confusion. This is where we must jump in and be willing to be changed. We need direction. We need to be led.

God gave us His Word, the Bible. It is your map to finding your way to God. Like the vague directions we followed, the Bible is not vague. Read it, study it and ask God to show Himself to you! My friend, He will! To help with understanding His Word, next week I will be starting a Bible study. We are going to learn all about who Jesus is in the book of John. So, your action step for this blog is to simply read the book of John. We will dive in deeper starting next week.

Let’s recap. We are all lost, which means we need to be found. We live in a confused world, which means we can’t live by its ways or else we, too, will live confused. We need to be led and guided by our gracious Father. He leads us by His Word which means it is imperative that we read and study the Bible daily. We cannot live victorious without it! Life without the Bible is like living flat-lined. We are merely existing for the here and now with no depth nor meaning. God did not create His children to live like that. My friend, it’s time to get reading. God wants to show off to you!

Bask in the glory of the Lord!

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