Christmas Is Every Day!

Christmas is my favorite time of year!

Looking at this picture makes me smile. We did not know that God was going to bless us with two children. Our son looking like his dad and our daughter looking like me. God is so amazing, isn’t He? Let’s discover why God is so amazing.

Welcome to the book of John. I am so excited in what we are going to learn together about the most amazing man that ever walked this earth! You may want to install a seat belt to your chair because it’s going to be so awesome, like riding a roller coaster! God is going to take us on the thrill of a lifetime. So, let’s jump in without any reservations. The water will cool down for you. (Wondering what I mean by that? Go back and read my first blog.)

First things first. Pray. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Take in a deep breath and ask God to clear away any hindrances so you are ready to hear.

God’s desire for us is to be free. Free to fly. Free to be who God intended us to be!

For this week, we are studying John 1:1-18. Please note, I will be using the New Living Translation when referring to scripture. I will note otherwise if I reference from another one. Please use a translation that you feel comfortable with. To get started, have a pen and paper to write down nuggets of truth. God will use these nuggets to reshape your mind and heart. Read todays’ passage.

Now, reread verses 1-5. Let’s see what we learn about Jesus. We see from these verses that Jesus existed from the beginning with God. In fact, He is God and He is also the Holy Spirit. God is three persons yet acts as one in unity. Our finite minds can’t grasp the reality of that. We have to simply accept and believe. God calls it faith. He wants us to have complete trust and confidence in Him.

John tells us that all things that were created was given life by the Word and His life brought light to everyone. Reread that again, “all things that were created was given life by the Word“. I take it we need to make the Bible a priority.

QUESTION: What needs to get prioritized in your day to make time for His Word?

This light shines in the darkness. The darkness that John is referring to is our world that we live in. It is scarred by sin and sin lives in darkness. The ways of the world can never extinguish the light of Christ. He controls all of creation.

The words in your Bible are the very words of God! We will come to see as we study this book that Christ is all we need to live life abundantly. He makes us complete and whole.

QUESTION: Our world lives in darkness, what is new to you about what we read in these first few verses about Jesus and the darkness?

Continue on and reread verses 6-11. God called a man named John the Baptist to prepare mankind for Jesus’ ministry. He told as many people as possible about the light that was entering our dark world so people may come to believe Jesus. Yet, when Jesus came into the very world He created, the world didn’t recognize Him.

INSIGHT: Read Genesis 3 to see how sin entered the world which created the darkness.

Before sin, man had knowledge of God while in the garden but when Adam and Eve ate the apple from one forbidden tree, disobedience occurred. This caused a separation between God and man. Knowledge was now blocked and man has to find his way back to God. In this dark world, we don’t recognize Christ. Yet in His love for us, God sent His only Son to earth so we could find our way back home. Sin does not deter His love. His love is all-encompassing, unconditional and available to all.

QUESTION: How have you heard about Jesus? Each time you hear truth, God is giving you opportunity to see Him and understand the love that He has for you. He wants you to turn to Him.

John explains in verses 12-13 what needs to happen to us because of sin. We need to believe and accept Jesus and become children of God. In Christ, we have a way back to God. He gives us a spiritual birth. John is explaining how our physical births are from this darkened world tainted with sin which results in death. We need another birth, a spiritual birth, which goes beyond the grave into eternity.

INSIGHT: We each need to become His child. We are all created by God but because of sin, it caused a rift or separation. Jesus is the bridge that connects that rift. Our physical birth does not make us His children. We become. Reread verse 12 if this is new to you.

THE QUESTION: We need a spiritual birth, which is called salvation. Jesus is offering you eternal life. You just have to talk to Him and repent of your sins and be willing to follow Jesus. Will today be the day? Why or why not?

Reread verses 14-18 and see what else you learn about Jesus. The Word, the very essence of God, is home with us in this dark world. He shines His glory and loves completely and faithfully. John continues to shout to people so they will know who Jesus is when they see Him. Through Christ, we will know God personally. Again, we must be people of one book, The Book.

ACTION STEP: With Christ, every day is like Christmas! He lives with us 24/7. Live this week like it’s Christmas, where your heart is full of His love. How has it changed you? How has it affected those around you?

It is vital that we invite others into our journeys. Share what you are learning. We will encourage others as well as be refreshed ourselves. Pray over each other’s burdens and blessings. This is how to live united in love.

So we can learn from one another, please share what God has taught you. I want to encourage you to gather some of your posse and do this together. We all will benefit! Until next week, Merry Christmas!

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