Sprouting Up

When we think of something sprouting up, we think of a newly planted garden. New life begins with a single seed. When placed in darkness and watered, the seed changes and expands with new growth. Eventually it pushes forth the soil of darkness and sprouts upward into what it is intended to be.

Can you imagine how beautiful life would be if we all let ourselves bloom?

May we see ourselves as little seeds that God has created. We are meant to grow and bloom where we exhibit His beauty and not our own. It starts with surrendering. God wants to take us from living by sight to living by faith and this takes trust. When we live by sight, our lives are driven by what we think is right and true. Our viewpoint is horizontal. We look around and make assumptions based on how we see things. We even take scripture and apply it to our lives.

While this seems logical, it isn’t. Life becomes a juggling act and we never seem to keep our priorities in order or our relationships in tact. Stress, chaos and unmet expectations come into play as we strive to be ones who can do it all, only to find we can’t. There isn’t enough time or energy or even a willingness to keep up but we continue on in this rat race called life heavily medicated in some form or another. It could be hiding behind long hours at work or satiating ourselves with food or a substance. Perhaps, desiring perpetual fun all the time or striving for that award, title or a padded bank account keeps us frantically running in circles.

What if? What if God has another way to live? A way in which it is possible to get off the hamster wheel and live where you can breathe, to live where everything you do has meaning and purpose. You won’t feel like you are being pulled in every direction. There’s a peace along with fulfillment that is within our reach.

God is worthy of your time. Believe and trust. He will give of Himself to you.
Taken from “Never Forgotten Always Loved” by Dayspring.

It’s called vertical-style living or it can be likened to priority-style living. A seed when it is placed within dark soil and tended to with water sprouts upward, not sideways. It reaches up until it emerges out of the darkness of the soil to embrace the warmth of the sunshine. There, it continues to grow and bloom for all to see. It’s where we let scripture change us instead of us attaching His Word to ourselves, for looks.

God is calling each of us to lay ourselves down in the darkness of His rich soil. There, He will water us by His Word and the Holy Spirit will produce a change within our hearts where we emerge upward, looking to God. As we continue in growing and maturing we become what God had intended, His beautiful sons and daughters.

We tend to shy away from this process, don’t we? Our assumptions and misguided thinking cause a feeling of ineptness and we remain on our hamster wheel. Stay where it’s safe and controlled and familiar. But what if? What if you took a tiny baby step?

God has met me. He will meet you. If God can take a very shy, introverted girl
and help her to become an extroverted, strong woman, He can change you!

I can guarantee you that God will meet you in that baby step. He will help you with every step from now on. He promises to never leave us. All He desires from us is a willingness, a willingness to let go of what we know and believe and let Him show us what life is about. He leads in all truth. In John 16:13 Jesus says, “When the Spirit of truth comes, He will lead you into all truth. He will not speak on His own but will tell you what He has heard. He will tell you about the future.

When we walk with God, we have front row seats to what lies ahead. We are always in the right place at the right time. This world keeps us locked into its expectations, thus we run like mad in circles to keep up and achieve more. We are told we are strong and capable, invincible and smart. But we have misplaced the order of things. We take credit for ourselves as we live horizontally. Yet, in reality, we need to live where we understand that God is the creator of all things and He has absolute authority. We are to live in accordance to that truth. Look up Colossians 1:15-23. This is a great first baby step! What can we learn? What is God telling us? How can we live in accordance? Who do we become because of Jesus? According to verse 23, what must we continue to do?

God is calling us to have faith in Him. All who come to His Son are unable to walk at first. We all start out as infants but if we take the time to know Jesus through His Word, He will grow us, mold us and change us to become what He intended for us. He takes us in our seed state and creates growth which helps us to bloom. Our baby steps become confident strides as we walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

My father-in-law had a green thumb. Can you imagine what our world would be
like if we chose to let God grow us so we bloom in His image?

Don’t let the winter doldrums, our states of bafflement, listlessness, despondency or keeping a blasé mindset, keep us from sprouting up. Use this hibernating time to cultivate your faith, to awaken your soul. It’s time to come alive my friends. Your spouse, children, friends and neighbors will greatly thank you. Let’s be walking united in love. It starts with a simple sprouting upwards.

2 thoughts on “Sprouting Up

  1. Thank you Carol for yet another insightful blog. I have experienced “seasons” of growing and of “dying” just like a plant! God has always been faithful but I have to remember that HE orders my seasons and directs my steps. I try to live in my own strength so very often so….thanks again for the inspiration and the reminder to bloom not only where I am planted, but in His time and in His way, allowing Him to be the Master Gardener. Happy New Year!


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