“I AM” The Bread Of Life

Read John 6:22-59. It’s a bit lengthy so get cozy and let’s see what we can learn about God, Jesus and ourselves. After feeding a multitude of people and walking on water one day, the following day many people were wanting to see Jesus. He was about to have another divine moment of revealing more of Himself. God does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to making sure His creation knows how much they are loved and cared for.

These scriptures show a normal conversation between man and God. It is no different today when we talk with Him. I hope you are realizing the patience that Jesus has with us. We can go to Him with all our short-sighted questions and He answers us without ridicule or judgment. He meets us in the midst of our worldly mindsets.

Rob and I have learned God’s way of doing life. God has taught us how to
communicate and listen. He has taught us commitment and to not ever give up

In verse 25, people asked Jesus how in the world did He get over to the other side of the lake? If you remember from last week’s lesson, Jesus walked on water the previous night. This miracle was for the disciples’ eyes only. Now, He was going to continue to share who He was with the multitudes and we will discover how Christ handles our short-sighted questions. Our vision and understanding is narrow compared to God’s all-knowing perspective.

I am going to have this Bible lesson be more “interactive”. I am hoping that you are becoming a student of the truth and you are taking notes as you study. Even if you are not a writer, taking notes of what God is telling you will greatly benefit your faith. Writing down your prayers, concerns, and frustrations releases a heavenly freedom which gives God access in helping you.

Recall the blog on Tuesday. Are you simply a listener or are you a hearer? Hall of famers are hearers. Disciples are hearers. In your notebook, divide a piece of paper into two columns. On the top of the left side title it something like man, flesh or myself. On the top of the right side title it who Jesus is/what He does for me.

We’re going to study the verses that belong on the left side under man/flesh first. We will see how man trusts his own thinking. We like to be in the driver’s seat calling the shots, don’t we? Before believing, we want some sort of proof. This helps with our logical thinking and unfortunately it feeds our egos.

QUESTION: Look at verse 28. What are they asking Jesus? Write down your answer.

INSIGHT: We tend to believe that God needs our help. It would be wise for us to remember that He doesn’t yet He wants us to join Him in His Kingdom. It’s a Kingdom where He will always be King and we will concede to His authority.

QUESTION: Look at verses 30-31. How did they answer Jesus? What kind of human reasoning did they use? Write down your answer. Do you reason with God the same way?

INSIGHT: They knew of scripture from the Old Testament. You can read Numbers 11:1-15 for added insight. They had head knowledge of truth. Jesus was going to lead them into seeing with their hearts. Many of us know truth but we keep it in our heads instead of letting the Holy Spirit change us in our hearts.

It’s vital to learn God’s truths. We learned along with our children in
an AWANAS program. Alex was a Sparky and Katie was a Cubby.
They learned how to memorize scripture.

In verse 34, the people responded with wanting what Jesus was offering to them. They liked what they were hearing but was it enough for them to truly believe and walk obediently?

QUESTION: In verse 36, Jesus tells them what their problem is. What is it? Write down your answer. How has God shown Himself to you? Do you struggle with believing? When you see God, does it cause you to change your ways?

QUESTION: In verses 41-43, what did people do? How did their human reasoning keep them from seeing truth? Don’t we like to murmur and complain the very words of Christ? Write down your answer. How easy is it for you to start complaining? They used common sense in their reasoning but how did that keep them from seeing? Read Proverbs 3:5.

QUESTION: Finally in verse 52, how did they handle what they were hearing? Write down your answer. Can you relate?

INSIGHT: Our flesh holds on so tight, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for His patience and grace!

Let’s move onto the good side. The side where hope lies. Let’s study how Jesus handles our issues and how He changes us. There is no hold in our flesh that is unreachable by the hand of God! We are all hall of famer worthy. Amen!

QUESTION: In verses 26-27, notice how Jesus did not answer their question in how He got to the other side of the lake. He simply moved on to what is important. What did he say to them? How should we be spending our energy? Write down your answer. Write down anything else that God is teaching you.

QUESTION: In verse 29, what is the only thing God wants from us? Write down your answer. Can it really be that simple? The answer is yes and that simple answer will change your life.

QUESTION: In verses 32-33, Jesus corrects them. Who gave the Israelites the manna? And what does Jesus say about Himself? What does He give? Write down your answer. Jot down any other thoughts.

Study verses 35-40. Take note in how Jesus refers to Himself. “I am” is quite profound. He is stating that He is for us today. He doesn’t say that I was or I will be. He will meet us right now in this very moment.

QUESTION: How does this help you in your walk with Him? What are things that Jesus is asking of you? When we go to Him, what does He do for us? Write down in your own words verses 38-40. What is God telling you? What is Jesus’ Father’s will? Write down your answer.

My mom had great baking skills. But even the best bakers in the world
cannot compete against Jesus as the bread of life. He is our sustainer.

Study verses 43-51. Jesus restates how He tells the truth and how He is the bread of life. He is our spiritual nutrition. He wants to make sure that people understand how their ancestors died with the manna given to them yet if they would follow Him, they will live forever for He is the living bread.

QUESTION: Write down what Jesus does for those who come and follow Him from these verses. Why should someone follow Jesus? Write down your answer.

Study the last section, verses 53-58. Jesus continues to explain who He is. Even in their arguing, He simply states truth in a straight-forward way without any ridicule. He has such love for us wayward people.

QUESTION: What does Jesus mean when He says you have to eat His flesh and drink his blood? What does He say about his flesh and blood in verse 55? How does someone feed on Christ? Write down your answer.

INSIGHT: To abide in Christ, we must make time for Him. There are no shortcuts in walking with God. He takes time for us. We are to reciprocate. We must allow our mindset to become renewed with the truths of Christ. Read Romans 12:2. When our mental focus becomes about Jesus then our actions and priorities will follow suit. Instead of living life horizontally where we are juggling our priorities and reasoning things by sight, God transforms us to live vertically. God comes first and He leads you in all areas of your life. He will place marriage and family a very high priority.

I need to be reminded that I am courageous. I also have socks that tell me I believe and I am strong. We all need reminders so we stay the course. Keep looking up
my brothers and sisters in Christ!

QUESTION: Look back at all that you wrote down. What do you see about man? What did you learn about Jesus? What modifications do you need to make?

May we all know, without a shadow of a doubt, the redeeming love that God has for us. The right column, covered in Christ’s shed blood, trumps the left column. In Christ, your left side died. The right side is where you live, fully alive for His glory! Take a red pen and write all over the left side, “loved and redeemed, also add, “NOT GUILTY”. Put red crosses all over it if that will help you.

Congratulations in studying these rich words of Christ. Are we not blessed beyond our wildest imagination? I hope that God blows your socks off with His presence. He never leaves any of us! Ever! Let’s become hall of famers for Jesus Christ! Then give God permission to let you loose as you love like He does with those around you.

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