The Antidote To COVID-19

This world is full of surprises, isn’t it? Just a few months ago we rang in 2020 with revitalized hope. We had a clean slate with 2020 vision. Our dreams and goals were beckoning us forward. We knew of a virus way over in China. Really nothing to worry about, so we thought. In a very short amount of time, this little problem on the other side of the world has now become everyone’s nemesis.

Who would have thought that a little microorganism can wreak havoc in every nation? Or that one pathogen can invade every social strata? COVID-19, the world will be happy to see you leave!

Even amidst turmoil, we can find things to laugh at. Thank you
Lord for humor. “When you leave COVID-19, please leave us some toilet paper!

This tiny germ has reminded me of how interconnected we are. Even when we stand next to each other, we share with one another more than we want to admit. You know, God created us to be connected in every way. And we can see it in how man responds to hardships. We come together. That’s because we all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if we used our key and discovered a treasure that would change our world?

Yesterday on KTIS – FM 98.5, Lisa Barry said, “I like the people we become when we are a little afraid.” Do I dare say God may be wanting us to change our view of what we deem important? In the United States, we have become divisive and callous with an attitude of entitlement. So, what is important? God and people. That’s it. Maybe God wants us to go back to remembering that.

Life is about simple things. Have we become so lost that we need
a virus to wake us up? “Lord, please forgive us.”

God blessed me with my mama in curlers and my mama-in-law being
her friend. God has taken them off this earth. Let’s cherish the time we have.

We are to live our lives where God is the CEO. Sorry, but He needs to dictate our actions or else we will endure chaos and unrest; this world is sinful and messed up. When we put our faith in our Heavenly Father, He will lead us in a mighty way! We would be a people of unity where love rings throughout the land in every nation. When we walk in His ways, He makes our wrongs become right. We would experience heaven on earth.

This is made possible by the greatest contribution God could give man. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, down to earth to experience being a human being. Just three months ago, we celebrated His birth. In 3 1/2 weeks, we will be celebrating God greatest achievement, Easter! This event, recorded in all four gospels in the New Testament (Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20), is what blows all other gods out of the water! Jesus resurrected from the dead! No one has been able to match His ability to conquer death.

And this my friends, is the key that resides inside each of us! Jesus is The Living God! He is our Savior. He rescues us from our sins. He is our Lord. We are to let Him lead us. And when we each do our part and believe Christ and receive His amazing offer of salvation, He will cause a great awakening in our land.

For those of us who have chosen to become His children, we understand the importance of prayer. We have the privilege of talking with God whenever we want. He is with us forever more. Even if you haven’t become His child, God is wanting to hear from you. He listens to anybody who goes to Him.

As you seek Him through His Word and talk with Him, He will lead you to know Him more deeply. God gives us the Lord’s Prayer in scripture to follow in how to pray. You can find it in Matthew 6:9-13. Many recite it straight from the Bible but it was not given to simply recite. It was given as an outline to pray.

Simply pray by making it personal to you. It could look something like this: “Dear Heavenly Father, I acknowledge and praise You for who You are; verse 9. I live in eagerness to You returning Jesus. I live in accordance to Your ways. Help me to follow what Your Word says; verse 10. Please give me what I need and nothing more. You are too good to me Father; verse 11. Forgive me for my sins. Name them. (We need to confess the things we do that are not of God.) Help me to forgive others. I desperately need you Jesus; verse 12. Keep me from temptations that trip me up from putting you first; verse 13. Amen.” Then pray for those around you. Name each person who comes to mind.

As we practice talking with God, we will get more intimate with Him. If you are new to talking to God, start simple. Starting is what is important to God. If we all pray, we would become a people of unity. Prayer is truly the answer to all our troubles. It places us in a right posture to receive from God. Praying people cause God to move, on their behalf and on others. And this world is needing prayer.

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