Wrongful Death

To be falsely accused is hard enough but to be put to death all because you love others is ludicrous. It is so out of place that it’s ridiculous! But God did what God had to do when love is the driving force. He sent His Son to die in our place. He loves us so much that the idea of being separated forever was not an option.

His only option to bring us back home is found in John 19. We are going to study what Jesus’ death means for us. Go ahead and read verses 1-16. Remember from our last study, Pilate had opportunity to free Jesus for he knew Jesus was innocent. But he chose his own livelihood and followed the rules of the land as the governor.

QUESTION: What did Jesus have to endure because of Pilate’s unwillingness to see truth for himself; see verses 1-3? How was Jesus shown contempt and a lack of respect?

Remember from what we have studied so far in John, Jesus loved people and had understanding and compassion. This shows how dark and evil this world is. My friends, it still is in 2020. Whether you lived in Jesus’ time or any generation since then, we each need a Savior. What is amazing is that the love that God had for Adam and Eve in the Garden has not fizzled out or waned in any way.

God is calling you! It’s time to come home!

After having his men beat the tar out of Jesus, Pilate goes before the people telling them that he finds Jesus not guilty and presents battered Jesus to them. He makes a spectacle out of God’s Son! “Look, here is the man!”

QUESTION: What kind of person is Pilate from what we have studied?

Take note in how people react towards Jesus. They are so bent out of shape that they can’t see beyond their religious ways or their misaligned thinking. Their focus was how do we get rid of this man!

QUESTION: Of all people, it’s the head priests and Temple guards that shouted out on the top of their lungs. What did they say? Look at verse 6.

Again, Pilate confessed that he found Jesus not guilty. But the Jewish leaders told Pilate that Jesus should die for He called Himself the Son of God.

QUESTION: When hearing this, what did Pilate do; look at verses 8-10?

Naïve Pilate played the power card. He still did not understand who was standing before Him. Fear did not instill a change within his heart. Finally, Jesus spoke.

QUESTION: How would Pilate receive greater power than Jesus’ power; see verse 11?

Jesus is reiterating how He walks in unison with His Father. This unity is where power and love are found. We have these attributes when we walk in unison with Christ.

Jesus may have been referring to Caiaphas from His statement in verse 11. Jesus was holding Caiaphas more responsible for His mistreatment than Pilate.

ADDED INSIGHT: Go to Romans 13 and read verses 1-7. This will aid in understanding why Jesus followed authority. Every person who has been in authority has been chosen by God to fulfill His plan. We are to respect authority.

The Jewish leaders did not let up on their hatred towards Jesus. Pilate tried to release Him. Was his heart softening perhaps?

QUESTION: What did the Jewish leaders say to Pilate; see verse 12? Go ahead and read Acts 17:1-9. This passage of scripture could be written for today.

Reread verses 13-14. Pilate was getting tired, “Here is your king.” He totally missed His opportunity with Christ. He saw Jesus. He heard Jesus. Yet, He did not see Jesus for Himself. He kept himself on the wide road. To understand what I mean, read Matthew 7:13-14.

QUESTION: How did the priests (and Pharisees) reveal that they truly did not understand scripture; look at 15-16?

The Jewish leaders gave their loyalty to Rome instead of to the Messiah, whom they were waiting for. Go ahead and read Psalm 2:1-3 to see how easy it is for nations to band together against God. Even religious people will sell God out when their eyes are upon the world’s offerings.

Pilate gave up and handed Him over to be crucified. He knew Jesus was innocent. May we not make the same mistake as Pilate. He had God standing right in front of him and he chose the world instead.

Now, read verses 17-27. Jesus carried His own cross. An innocent man, the Son of God, had to carry His own cross while beaten and bloody. This is powerful. Stop and ponder this. What is God saying to you?

QUESTION: What happened next; see verses 18-20?

This style of killing is the most horrendous way to die. What makes this more amazing is that Jesus chose to come to earth to be ridiculed and put to death for me; for you; for all people. Again, what a crazy kind of love that God has for us.

The priests must have been savoring in this moment. Finally, get rid of this nut job.

QUESTION: What did the priests object to; see verse 21?

At lease Pilate didn’t listen this time. Maybe more of his heart was softening.

QUESTION: How did the soldiers miss Jesus; look at verses 23-24?

It is so easy to miss Jesus when our eyes are on ourselves. When we get so focused on our daily schedules, we miss opportunities that God is placing before us. Let’s ask Jesus for clear 2020 vision.

I do not know how Mary watched one of her children die on a cross. I love being a mama.

Verses 25-27 are the sweetest words from God. Can you imagine what was going through Jesus’ mother’s mind? As a mother, it would be excruciating to watch!

QUESTION: How does Jesus show love and compassion; see verses 26-27?

What a tender scene. This my friends, is the love of God. May we embrace this love from our Savior and Lord and then pass it on to everyone we meet! We will find ourselves united in love.


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