Words to Live By

This is a great moment! We have made it to the final chapter of John! I hope you have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and I pray that you and Jesus are becoming best friends! He loves you with an undying and fervent love.

We ended the last study with Jesus resurrecting from the dead and becoming the true King of all Kings when He obliterated death! There is no other god that overcame death like Jesus did. This makes Jesus our LIVING GOD! Then we saw how Jesus just didn’t desert His followers, He appeared to many to show them that He is the real deal! He is true to His Word.

We are never alone when we have Christ.

John 21 is a continuation of Jesus appearing to several of His disciples. He gives them life lessons on how to follow Him; how to live out His love to others. Go ahead and read chapter 21.

Jesus appears to Peter who denied Him three times, Thomas who doubted Him, Nathanael who thought nothing good could come from Nazareth (review John 1:45-46), the sons of Zebedee who were James and John and two others. I hope when you read who these men were you are encouraged. If Jesus will reveal Himself and love those who cave under pressure, doubt God’s words or be a negative Nancy, then He will reveal Himself to you and me. He sees the potential that lies within us, not our sinful flesh.

The men’s livelihood was fishing. They took their boat out to see what they could catch. That night they caught nothing. This probably made for more sour dispositions after all they witnessed. They were there for Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. They were expecting His Kingdom to take place only to have one of their own friends betray Jesus and watch Him be arrested, beaten and hung up to die. Then to see Jesus alive must have caused an emotional rush! It would be safe to say that they were confused and unsure of the future. What they thought and expected has been turned upside down.

God has used marriage to teach me how to follow Christ.

QUESTION: Has God thrown you for a loop in how something had turned out or are you wondering if He is hearing you due to the silence and waiting? I can say yes to this question!

We are called to keep the faith and believe.

QUESTION: At dawn, the boys heard a voice. What did the voice say, see verses 4-6? What happened?

John told Peter it was Jesus!

QUESTION: How did Peter respond according to verse 7? Don’t miss Peter’s actions. When Jesus calls you, are you ready to go to Him?

The others stayed in the boat and brought the loaded net to shore.

QUESTION: What did they find on shore? Look at verse 9?

Do not miss this! Jesus served them! He fed them. We are to do the same and we will see this as we continue to study this chapter.

Peter was told to bring some of their catch to Jesus. Peter obeyed. When God speaks, do you obey? If you struggle with this, may it be because you don’t know Jesus intimately yet? Keep studying scripture and seeking for Him. He will reveal Himself to you.

ADDED INSIGHT: When the disciples fished on their own, they caught nothing. When Jesus spoke over them, their nets couldn’t hold anymore fish!

We are made to walk with Christ. We will experience abundant living.

While eating, they knew it was the Lord. Jesus served them. We are to follow after Jesus. We are called to serve others. Many take God for granted and treat Him like their genie.

In verses 15-17, we see a conversation between Jesus and Peter. Three times Jesus asks him, “do you love me?” Notice how the first time it was, “do you love me more than these?” Jesus was asking Peter, “do you love me more than your friends here?

“Am I your first love?”

QUESTION: How does Jesus answer when Peter tells Him, “Yes, Lord.”?

Jesus reveals to Him and to us how to love others. We are to feed His lambs and take care of His sheep. When we love others like Jesus loves us, we would live in unity and love.

Jesus continues preparing Peter. He tells him what his future holds in verse 18. He will die by crucifixion and his death will glorify God. This is our goal in life, everything we do is to glorify God.

QUESTION: What did Jesus tell Peter to do in verse 19?

‘Follow Me.”

We are called to follow Jesus. Jesus followed the will of His Father and we are to follow Christ; nothing more, nothing less. God makes it very easy for us to find Him and follow Him.

We see Peter’s humanness once more, “What about John? Does he have to follow like I have to?” We question the same way, don’t we? God calls us to do something and we wonder how He calls those around us. We look around and compare. What about my spouse? How about my siblings or friends?

QUESTION: How did Jesus answer him; see verse 22?

Jesus is telling us that we are responsible for our own walks with God. It is none of our business what His will is for another person. We are to listen for ourselves in follow what He tells us to do. Jesus reiterated, “mind your own business” in verse 23. “You follow me.”

QUESTION: What is John’s final thought on Jesus in verse 25?

I hope you have become intimate with the Lover of your soul. I hope you have a clearer understanding of just how much God loves you. He sent His only begotten Son to earth for you. I hope and pray that you are saying yes to Jesus. He is waiting.

In Christ, we will be united in love.

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