Walk The Path Set Before You

From our last study time, we know that God is sovereign. This is good news for we can relax in His loving arms knowing He is taking care of us. Today, we will learn from Romans 10 what life looks like on the path that is set before us by God. Let’s jump in and see what God wants us to learn, read Romans 10.

Paul shares his heart’s desire. He longs for people to be saved. He wants everyone to experience the same grace that Christ bestowed upon him. If you aren’t familiar with Paul’s salvation story, you can read it in Acts 9.

He loves the enthusiasm of his fellow believers but he says their faith is misdirected. They leave the path that leads to eternal life.

ASK YOURSELF: What is the reason for this; see verse 3?

I want us to STOP and think about this. This is where Satan wants us to quickly move forward so we don’t fully grasp what God is saying to us. He does not want us seeing the whole truth. Satan likes it when we think life is about ourselves and what we want. He will get us to take a short-cut and have us veer off the path.

ASK YOURSELF: We are made right with God, not by our own reasoning or keeping the law like going to church every Sunday but by how; see verse 4?

We are made right with God in Christ.

Paul continues to tell us that trying to please God by following the law, aka religion, means we cannot mess up at all! We have to get a perfect score on the test at the end of our life to receive our ticket into heaven. Thank God that He sent Jesus to eradicate this impossible way to pleasing God. It is by faith in God’s Son that gets us to heaven.

Like we have studied before, Jesus is the bridge that we can walk over and come into the presence of God with boldness where we are acquitted from our sins and declared righteous in His eyes! This, my friends, is salvation.

To help understand verses 6-8, go to Deuteronomy 30 and read verses 11-14. Here, we see how intimate God is with us. He wants everyone to find Him. He gives us the ability to understand Him. “The message is very close at hand; it is on your lips and in your heart so you can obey it.” God placed the desire and the know-how to finding Him within each of our hearts. We were made to follow after God.

ASK YOURSELF: What do we do when Christ is our Savior and Lord; look at verse 9? How are we made right with God; see verse 10?

Your salvation is not meant to be ignored or kept secret. Once Jesus enters your life, you are changed from the inside out! Many people fall into Satan’s trap, “It is no one else’s business. It is private between God and me.”

BE CHALLENGED: I am including myself, who can you share the Good News of Christ with? Time is ticking by and this world is coming to its end. God needs us to be sharing Christ with everyone. He sent His disciples on a mission and this mission has not changed.

Anyone who trusts in Him will never be disgraced.11

This encourages me to keep my faith focused on my Lord and His Word. He will see that I make it home to Him.

Jews and Gentiles, all people from every walk of life, has the same Lord, who gives generously to all who call on Him. For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.12-13

Paul gives our spirits a reminder on why we need to be living out loud for Christ, why we can’t be quiet and remain sitting on the sidelines allowing others to do the work that God has called each of us to do.

ASK YOURSELF: What does God want us to know in verses 14-15?

Too many believers are hiding; hiding behind busyness and entertainment. We are afraid of losing friendships, being ridiculed or not being invited to things. We may be left out or forgotten. I battle with the latter one. But, God is quick to remind me that I am never alone. He reminds me that He is enough and He keeps my spirit moving forward. I am moving forward, striving to reach the prize; see 2 Timothy 4:7 and 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

In verses 16-21, Paul gives us a reality check. Not everyone will welcome Christ when we share the gospel.

ASK YOURSELF: From verse 17, where does faith come from?

Paul tells us that people do hear the message of salvation through Christ. From verse 18, “The message has gone throughout the earth and the words to all the world.” Go ahead and read Psalm 19 to deepen your knowledge of verse 18.

To help understand verse 19, go to Deuteronomy 32:21 for clarity. God wants everyone to follow after His Son and come into His presence. Yet, as we know, God gives us free will in choosing whom we will serve. We will either serve God or Satan.

ASK YOURSELF: According to these verses, what is making God angry?

Verse 20 tells us that people were not looking for Him. Read Isaiah 65:1-3 to help understand what Paul is saying.

ASK YOURSELF: Did God make Himself available to be found? Why do people miss seeing Him?

God says, “All day long, I open my arms to (everyone)”, but they choose to be disobedient and rebel who I am. Lord, may we not make this mistake.

I want all of us to be a people known by God, be loved by God and walk united in love; His love. We would make this world a brighter, better place if we do. Then, when Jesus comes for us, He will find us loving others and we will hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” , Matthew 25:21.

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