Think Very Carefully

Reading Hebrews 3 may cause a shift in your thinking, so before you read today’s passage to study, it would be good to ask God to help you to reveal the pockets of disobedience that is in your heart. With that, read Hebrews 3.

The unknown author of Hebrews says in verse 1 that those who belong to God and are partners with other believers, should think carefully about Jesus. Why would he say this? Why do you need to think about Jesus in a careful manner?

Jesus will make Himself known to you.

If Jesus is in your heart, what does verse 1 say about Christ? Jesus is God’s messenger that came down from heaven to not only show you the way home, but also to be your way home. Jesus’ death and resurrection made it possible for Him to be your High Priest, review Hebrews 2:17-18 for added insight.

Jesus was faithful to God, and God appointed Him to be in charge of God’s entire house, see verses 2-6. The author tells of Moses from the Old Testament. What do you learn about Moses? What similarities do you see between Moses and Jesus?

In verses 3-4, you read how a builder receives more glory than what he built, like a house. Jesus receives more glory than Moses for God is the Master Builder. Moses was an example of Christ which God would reveal to people at a later time, see verse 5. That later time is the New Testament where Christ is the example for man to follow God.

It is good to remember that God’s creation, which is you and me, has a duty or a calling. You and I are to give glory to our Creator first and foremost instead of glorifying the things He made. It is easy to get this mixed up. When you do, you create gods in your life, and this displeases God. It is easy to worship what God created like flowers, a sunset, nature, etc., yet not worship the Creator Himself.

“You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods.” (Exodus 20:5)

According to verse 6, you are to keep your courage and remain confident in the hope you have in Christ. Why would the author tell you this? In this world of injustice, distrust, and hate, God has given you Someone who can lead you through the sin where you can live set apart with a whole new way to live. It is like the author is saying, “Look up and keep the faith!”

What is a key phrase in verses 7 and 15 that will help you to look up?

“Today when you hear His voice.”7,15

Your salvation is daily. It is easy to lose sight of this. The enemy will keep you from this reality by distraction, busyness, trusting yourself, or following other’s opinions; just to name a few of Satan’s tactics. This is how gods creep in and pockets of disobedience grow. Thus, you and I need to think of Jesus in a careful, deliberate manner. It is like the saying goes, “If you don’t teach your children, someone else will.” If you don’t walk purposefully with Christ daily, Satan will take over and lead you away.

How do verses 8-13, and 15-19 reveal the damage Satan can do to your heart?

When you don’t think carefully, pockets of disobedience will cause a hardening in your heart to happen. You will rebel against God. God calls it a “testing of His patience.”9 It angers God when He offers evidence of His presence and you turn away, refusing to obey when He speaks to you, see verse 10. What is the consequence for your poor actions, see verse 11?

“Be careful. Make sure that your own heart is not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God.”12

Unbelief will be the greatest tragedy for man. He will miss out on eternal life, see verse 19. In the verses leading up to verse 19, the author asks pertinent questions. Who rebelled against God?16 Who made God angry for a long period of time?17 Who disobeyed Him?18

Think about the answer to these questions, and think very carefully what the Holy Spirit wants to tell you.

There is only one way home.

You and I are to warn each other every day, according to verse 13. My warning to you: Satan is working hard through deception. He is causing believers to walk away from God. He is leading way too many of my brothers and sisters in Christ down a path that is lukewarm and religious. He has hearts divided, one part loving godly things, and the other part loving worldly entertainment. My friend, think very carefully on these things.

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