The Heartbeat of Christ’s Love

I remember going to the hospital early in the morning. It was time for my son to arrive. I was going to become a mother. After an induction, the breaking of my water, and a couple hours of pushing, I held this cute little guy who stole my heart. God blessed me with a little girl a couple years later who arrived 55 minutes after the breaking of my water!

I discovered that motherhood is an occupation given by God that exemplifies Christ’s love. A mother is the heartbeat of Christ.

She sacrifices much for her child. In fact, she would sacrifice her own life to save her son or daughter. She serves tirelessly all hours of the day and night and teaches lesson upon lesson upon lesson in how to be a kind and loving person.

Motherhood is the hands and feet of Jesus.

God gives great examples of mothers within the pages of the Bible. The most notable is Jesus’ mother, Mary. A young teen girl who God chose to carry His beloved Son. Despite becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit, she chose to believe and obey whatever God was doing in her midst. She loved Jesus well for she understood that God took notice of her and called her blessed, see Luke 1:48. Elizabeth, a relative of Mary’s, was barren in her old age until she became pregnant with John the Baptist, see Luke 1:36. John prepared the way for people to believe Christ.

These two mothers are promises that “for nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

Sarah, Abraham’s wife, became a mother after years of waiting. She even got to the point of not believing anymore. Take a look at Genesis 18:9-15 to learn more. God told Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”14 She had a son, just like she was told.

Her son got married to Rebekah. Isaac prayed for his wife for she too was barren. God opened her womb, and she gave birth to twin sons, read Genesis 25:19-26. They were active within her womb. So much so that she inquired the Lord about it. The Lord kindly answered her on why they were that way. Every mother has within her disposable, prayer. It is good to talk to the Lord about your child. God helps a mother to raise him or her.

The mother of Moses did the unthinkable to save her son from slaughter. Jochebed set her baby adrift on the Nile River in hopes that someone else would find him and raise him. God kept His hand upon Moses, read Exodus 2:1-10 to learn how. God blessed Jochebed for her sacrificial giving up of her son. She was able to still care for him. Mothers that trust God exemplify who He is.

So, here’s to all the mothers out there who give sacrificially, serve tirelessly, and teach relentlessly. You truly exemplify the heartbeat of Christ. If you are waiting to become a mother, God knows. Continue to trust and while you wait, love and serve others. Feeling tired? Know that you have the God who understands your child more than you do. He did create them for a reason. Allow Christ to be your strength and ask continuously for wisdom.

The Sovereign Lord graciously fills up a mother’s cup.

You are the fuel behind God’s amazing grace and unconditional love. For the rest of you, love on your moms this weekend. They deserve it. If you have a broken heart over your mom, allow God to fill your grief with Himself. If God came for your mom like He has mine, do something in honor of her. Eat one of her favorite foods or wear her favorite color. I will be wearing purple and eating a hot dog!

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