A Silent killer

Taken from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, “Let thankfulness temper all your thoughts. A thankful mindset keeps you in touch with Me. I hate it when My children grumble, casually despising my sovereignty. Thankfulness is a safeguard against this deadly sin. Furthermore, a grateful attitude becomes a grid through which you perceive life. Gratitude enables you to see the light of My presence shining on all your circumstances. Cultivate a thankful heart, for this glorifies Me and fills you with joy.”

Grumbling, complaining, whining, griping, are just a few words to describe our hearts when we casually despise God’s sovereignty. It begins in the confinement of our minds without ever speaking a word. Our thoughts like to be in control and rebel against God.

Silent killers affect your faith.

Take a look at some scripture and see how easy the Israelites casually despised God’s sovereignty. Read Exodus 14:11-31, 15:22-27, chapter 16, 17:1-7, Numbers 11, 14, 16, 20:2-13, 21:4-9. Don’t let the amount of reading deter you. These scriptures came from the Bible Study I am currently in; it’s called Core Discipleship. When you read each passage, ask these same three questions: What was Israel’s complaint? How did Moses respond? How did God respond? Then ask God to reveal how you complain the same way.

Whatever He is showing you, praise God that Jesus died and resurrected to give you a hope and future. He is your Savior and Lord which means you can go before Him with all your doubts, disappointments, complaints, and whatever else your flesh expects from this life. When you give your sinful flesh to Christ, He removes your sins and replaces you with Himself.

God’s presence within makes you come fully alive from the inside out.

The work of Jesus cleanses you, makes you holy, and makes you right with God; read 1 Corinthians 6:11. As you walk by faith with Christ, He renews your heart and mind so you live and think like Christ. As you spiritually grow, you become more thankful and grateful for all that He is doing in your life. And what do you know, the silent killers that lurk within you become more and more quieter.

Take some time and learn biblical truths that will change your heart and mind. Quiet your flesh and its ways and live out what God has for you by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you. He will fill you with contentment, joy, and peace. God will help you to put aside expectations and embrace what He has for you.

Walk like Christ with open hands to God.

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