Abiding In Truth

Amidst such turmoil that we are experiencing in our world, we have solid truth that we can stand upon and know that good will prevail. We are very fortunate my friends. We will see from today’s study that God has impeccable timing. He will teach us how to live in this dark world. Last week … More Abiding In Truth

On A Mission

We have come to one of my favorite passages in scripture. John 14 was also my mother’s favorite. We will learn many things about Jesus from this chapter. Jesus’ life on earth is drawing to a close and He wants to make sure that His disciples are prepared and have the wisdom they need to … More On A Mission

Jesus’ Forecast

After Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He sat down and continued preparing them for what was about to come. We ended the last Bible study with Jesus telling His friends that God will bless them if they put into action what they have been taught. We are continuing on and studying the conversation … More Jesus’ Forecast

Be The Example

We are making our way in studying the book of John. We are at the point in Jesus’ ministry where He is heading to His crucifixion. He continues to show love and compassion so people will come to believe Him. We studied last week in how He was welcomed into Jerusalem with a celebration of … More Be The Example

Today Is The Day

We are continuing on in studying John 12. In our last lesson we studied Mary anointing Jesus with her hair. She was showing Him gratitude and honor. Afterwards Jesus went to Jerusalem. This was the start of the world celebrating His arrival as the King of Kings yet we know from the scriptures, Jesus is … More Today Is The Day

The Anointing

We are continuing on in studying the book of John. Last week we studied the raising of Lazarus which caused a lot of trouble for the Pharisees. Jesus has been in public ministry for three years now and they have had it up to their eyeballs with this man disrupting their religious ways. It was … More The Anointing

Comforting Truth

It is good to study truth. It is good to have sound knowledge that we can rely on. God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. We can know what to believe and what not to by learning and listening to God. He is all we need; especially in these dark days … More Comforting Truth