On A Mission

We have come to one of my favorite passages in scripture. John 14 was also my mother’s favorite. We will learn many things about Jesus from this chapter. Jesus’ life on earth is drawing to a close and He wants to make sure that His disciples are prepared and have the wisdom they need to share the gospel with everyone. Jesus wanted their faith grounded in truth and in Him.

Last time we studied, we learned how Jesus predicted betrayal and denial. The conversation continues on between Jesus and His beloved friends. Go ahead and read John 14:1-14. We will study the second part of chapter 14 on Thursday. Jesus is telling them to not let their hearts be troubled.

Jesus came on a mission, THE mission to save us all.

QUESTION: Jesus tells them to trust in God. Who else does He say they need to trust? I LOVE this! Don’t miss what Jesus is saying here.

This is a key verse for our faith. Many believe in God but now Jesus is telling them to trust Him too. We cannot get to God on our own without Christ. We need to trust both of them. There are many religions that believe in God but reject the lordship of Christ.

Next, He tells them about heaven and what He is going to do there. He is on a mission, THE mission that will save us all. Part one is almost complete. It involves a cross. Part two is the resurrection and part three is revealed in verse 3. Jesus gives us a glimpse of what He is currently doing in heaven right now.

Look at what He says in verse 2, “There is more than enough room in my Father’s home.” Heaven is big enough for everyone! This is good news!

QUESTION: Look at Romans 10:13. What does it say? If this wasn’t true, then Jesus would not say what He did for we know that He speaks truth. We can trust Him.

QUESTION: What does Jesus say that He will do in verse 3 and why?

This is a promise. One that the Bible speaks of often. There is a whole book dedicated on it. It is called Revelation. Jesus reassures them by telling them that they “know the way”, they know where He is going.

Jesus is quite the conversationalist, isn’t He? He states things and asks questions very strategically. He loves to have dialogue with people. This should be encouraging to us. Not only does God want to lead us and guide us, He enjoys when we talk with Him and ask of Him.

Doubting Thomas speaks up and says that they do not know where He is going. We will be studying on why Thomas has this title when we get to chapter 20. What Jesus answers him is the KEY VERSE out of all the New Testament!

STAR QUESTION: What does Jesus say in verse 6 that sets Him apart from all other gods and deities? How do we get to God?

If this verse gets overlooked, then we will miss Christ. We will miss Him like so many do. Think about how the priests and Pharisees missed Him. They trusted God but not Jesus.

ADDED INSIGHT: Look up Acts 4:12, John 1:51, 8:28, 10:9 and Ephesians 4:4-5 to see how Jesus is THE way. Read Mark 10:27 and read how we do not have the capability to save ourselves. We need Him.

The military is always on missions. They stay focused and know what
they are doing and why. Jesus is THE Commander for the
missions that He calls us on.
It’s our job to execute the call.

Notice how Jesus doesn’t speak in riddles any longer. He speaks very direct and clear. We see how He answers the same way. He tells them that if they know Him then they know the Father.

QUESTION: From verse 7, what does He say that makes it clear on who He is?

When we get to know Christ, like we are doing by studying the book of John, we will know God as well! There are no discrepancies between God and His Son. They are unified and their relationship cannot be broken.

ADDED INSIGHT: The Trinity is three persons in one. There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They work as one entity yet have three separate roles.

Philip speaks up. His statement shows that He lacks understanding in what Jesus is saying. You can tell that Jesus must have deeply sighed, rolled His eyes perhaps at him.

QUESTION: How does Jesus reveal that His patience may be running thin in verse 9 and 10?

This is one of a few times where we see Jesus getting a bit disgruntled at unbelief. He doesn’t give up on Philip and He doesn’t give up on us either. This is a humbling reality. God is so committed towards His children. His love truly has no boundaries. He goes all in. Jesus chose to go on THE mission to save us while having the understanding that most people will reject what He came to do.

“Just believe.”

“I tell you the truth.”

QUESTION: What is our calling in THE mission, see verse 12? What promise does He give in verses 13-14?

Can you believe how amazing Jesus is? God cannot make it any clearer for us to know who He is than from these verses. We discover so much!

Jesus is committed to THE mission. We are on mission too.
We are called to love others like He did.

I hope you are falling in love with the Savior of the world! He will not disappoint you. We are to trust Him and know that He is returning soon to unite us to Himself. We are on THE mission too. We are to be living like He did while on earth. He loves us which in turn we love others, plain and simple.

Use this pandemic time to show others His amazing love! Make each day THE mission to tell others of His amazing love. Remember, there is room in heaven for all of us and God desires for us to be there with Him.

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