The Anointing

We are continuing on in studying the book of John. Last week we studied the raising of Lazarus which caused a lot of trouble for the Pharisees. Jesus has been in public ministry for three years now and they have had it up to their eyeballs with this man disrupting their religious ways. It was time to put an end to Jesus. So, the plot to kill Him was enacted.

We will now study John 12. The time for Jesus’ big event will be taking place and He continues preparing people for it. Go ahead and read verses 1-11. We can learn much from Mary as she anoints her King. I am sure she didn’t fully understand how her actions were preparing Jesus for what was about to come. She was simply revealing her heart towards her Lord and thanking Him for saving her brother.

Love is priceless.

We read how Mary took a 12-ounce jar of expensive perfume and wiped it on Jesus’ feet using her hair to do it. She was expressing gratitude and reverence for her Lord. The cost of the perfume was worth someone’s wages for an entire year or someone’s life savings. She is revealing that there is no dollar amount worthy of Christ’s love.

ADDED INSIGHT: Read Luke 7:36-50 to see how Jesus was anointed another time. What do you learn about Jesus’ amazing love from that story?

QUESTION: We can’t show Jesus the honor due to Him in person like Mary did but we can in other ways? What are some ways that we can express our gratitude and show reverence towards what He does for us daily?

Notice who speaks up first to balk at Mary’s actions, Mr. Judas Iscariot. He is revealing his true heart. He plays a key role in Jesus being arrested, see John 18. I would think the other apostles were a bit clueless at who their fellow disciple really was. We will study this in John 13.

QUESTION: What did Judas say, see verse 5? Was his statement a worthy one? How does verse 6 reveal his true colors?

Jesus doesn’t call him out on his lies. You would think He would set the man straight right then and there but He didn’t.

QUESTION: Why do you think He didn’t? What have we been learning about God and Jesus and the relationship they have? Look back at John 8:28.

QUESTION: How does Jesus respond to Judas, see verse 7-8?

Jesus was telling them that the poor will always be around to help. Judas’ comment wasn’t wrong but his heart was. Jesus was preparing them for the time when He will not physically be with them.

While this was taking place, people heard that Jesus was in town and that He was hanging out with Lazarus. They wanted to see for themselves this prophet that raised a dead man from the grave!

QUESTION: Do you want to see Jesus for yourself? He is waiting for you my friend.

QUESTION: Why did the leading priests want to kill Lazarus too, along with Jesus, see verse 10-11?

Jealousy was getting the best of the priests and Pharisees. People were believing in Jesus over them. This was too much for them to handle. It was time to take matters into their own hands! They liked being the ones in charge of spiritual matters and they weren’t about to let this guy named Jesus crash their party.

If they would have listened, they would have been able to discern that He was the Son of God and embrace Him for they were waiting for the coming Messiah. They knew the scriptures better than anyone else but they missed it.

Take His hand. He will lead you home.

God does not want us to miss the party. We have the same opportunity right now that people did back in Jesus’ day. Jesus is calling each of us to let go of what we know, think, feel and reason and give our lives to Him. He will lead us home where we will live forever with Him.

Eternal life is only possible through the blood of Jesus Christ. He opened the door for us to have consistent fellowship with God forever. We each have to look to God and ask Jesus into our heart and then follow Him. He makes it very easy. Read Matthew 11:28-30 to learn what God does for us when we follow His Son.

Now I want you to read verses 12-19. The following day after Jesus was anointed, Jesus traveled to Jerusalem.

QUESTION: What did people do when He passed by? This is a celebrated day that happens the Sunday before Easter. What did people shout out?

We can trust God. He fulfills what He says. He told people in the Old Testament
what to look for when the Messiah arrives so they will know.
We know the whole story. Are we preparing ourselves for Jesus? He is coming back.
Scripture reveals what the coming days will be like. Will you be able to discern it?

God gave people a sign in the Old Testament that fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus entering Jerusalem. Read Zechariah 9:9 to learn more and see verse 15. The Pharisees and priests should have been able to put two and two together and help people to see that Jesus is the Messiah.

QUESTION: Verse 16 reveals why it is vital to know scripture and believe it. Why? Also, look back at John 2:22.

QUESTION: Verses 17-18 reveals how we are to respond to the amazing love that Jesus offers us. What are we to be doing? What happens when we share the gospel?

For the month of May, there is an event called Go check it out and become a part of the Great Commission that God has called His children to be a part of. It is hosted by Dare To Share Ministries out of Colorado.

Lastly, we see the Pharisees feeling a bit defeated. “There’s nothing we can do. Look, everyone has gone after Him!” This is a good wake up call that we need to be living out what God is asking of us so the enemy has to say these same words. We all have a story to tell that will inspire another person.

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