God’s Vaccine

We have reached the final study lesson from Ephesians. Paul has taught us a great deal about life as a Christian. God has a protocol in which He expects His children to live by. You could call it His vaccine that keeps us safe while we live in these evil days (Ephesians 5:16). It is … More God’s Vaccine

A Happy Family

As we study the book of Ephesians, we are learning what godly living looks like. We know that when we walk with Christ, we shine His light brightly. Today, Paul is going to continue to show us how to have a happy family. When we each live out our intended roles, as God ordained, unity … More A Happy Family

I Am Alive!

If we could see fully like God does, we would live differently. We would have such passion for life if we truly saw what God does for us when Jesus resides in our hearts. We would tune our ears to what the Holy Spirit is telling us as we gladly obey His calling. Go ahead … More I Am Alive!

United In Love

As we study Ephesians 4:1-16, we are going to understand why my website is titled, United In Love. We are going to see the passion that God placed within me to 1, write my story in book form, and 2, to start a ministry where we learn how to live united in love. Hang tight, … More United In Love

Live Like Royalty

Last week we studied Ephesians 1 and we learned how much God wants us to be with Him. If you need a refresher, go back and reread the last two blogs and see who we become when we follow hard after Jesus. Our identity goes from obscurity to being acknowledged and seen by the King … More Live Like Royalty