Cashing In Your Inheritance

When led by the Holy Spirit, we are lifted up to the Rock where we receive His abundant resources without any reservation. God freely gives to His children when they tune their hearts into Jesus.

Today, as we continue to study Ephesians, Paul gives us a sneak peak into God’s heavenly storehouse of abundant resources. I have great news for you, we do not have to wait until we get to heaven to receive our inheritance. God lets us enjoy His bounty now! We learn how the Holy Spirit gives freely; see 1 Corinthians 12.

To see what we receive when we cash in on our inheritance, go ahead and read Ephesians 3. We will see how we have, at our fingertips, endless treasures available to those in Christ.9

We see how Paul considers himself a prisoner of Christ in verse 1.

ASK YOURSELF: Why do you think Paul considers himself in this way?

Paul follows Christ whole-heartedly. He lives with one purpose, to heed the call of God, and we see from verse 2 that God’s call was for Paul to share the grace of Christ not only to his fellow Jews but to the Gentiles as well.

ASK YOURSELF: According to verses 3-5, what did God do for Paul? By what means did God reveal His plan to Paul?

We know that the Spirit leads us into truth.

God made His mysterious plan available to everyone. He first revealed it to His apostles and prophets.

ASK YOURSELF: What is God’s plan; according to verse 6?

God’s children inherit His riches stored up in heaven; the most valuable of all the wealth found in the world! Notice something here, we become a part of one family, Jesus’ family, and we get to enjoy His bounty.

STOP and bask in this. Allow God to speak to your soul.

We also see how Paul understands God.

ASK YOURSELF: From verse 7, how is Paul able to share the Good News? How is he able to say, ” I have been given the privilege of serving Christ.”? Is your mindset and heart aligned to God, like Paul’s is?

Paul continues to show us the attitude of his heart. He understands how he is the least deserving of all of God’s people to receive such kindness from God. He knows that God is being gracious to him by giving him the honor to tell others about the “endless treasures that are available in Christ.” He clearly understands that God chose him for a purpose.

ASK YOURSELF: According to verse 9, why did God chose Paul?

My friends, God’s plan has not changed. God calls us to accomplish the same goal that Paul was given. We are to share the Good News of Christ with everyone. This is The Mission that God calls every believer to.

ASK YOURSELF: Paul shares, in verses 10-11, what God’s purpose is for us. What is it?

God uses His Church, that is you and me, to display His wisdom in its rich variety.10

ASK YOURSELF: What (or who) is the key component for His plan to unfold successfully; see verse 11?

Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.12

We need to STOP once more and let God speak to us. Reread verse 12 several times. Memorize it. This is a very simple understanding of what we receive from God’s inheritance. We are able to have faith because of what Christ did for us on the cross.

ASK YOURSELF: Because Jesus vanquished death, how can we approach God; according to verse 12? I want you to look up the definition of vanquished also. It will help with grasping this truth in a deeper way.

Take note on Paul’s attitude of his heart from verse 14. He remains committed to His Lord. He remains humble and trustworthy towards His Savior.

ASK YOURSELF: How does Paul refer to God in verse 15? Do you believe like Paul does? If you stumble and falter, what does God have to do to convince you to believe like Paul? What is keeping you from being led by God’s Spirit?

Verses 16-19 are very enriching and powerful! I want you to list out what you have RIGHT NOW when Jesus is living inside of you. Take the time to write this out. Then STOP and pray and ask God to reveal more of Himself to you.

You will experience the love of Christ in ways that will blow your socks off!

Paul leaves us with a final message, a message of hope. We all could use hope right now, especially in the United States as an election day for the presidency is drawing near.

ASK YOURSELF: What is the hope that we can anchor ourselves to; according to verse 20?

We need God. He does hear us and He sees us. May we all leave this study a bit more humbled and trustworthy like our friend Paul. May we be led by the Holy Spirit in such a way that there is a holy fire under our feet as we cash in our inheritance and live out The Mission that the Spirit is leading us towards.

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