Impeccable Timing

Go ahead and read John 4:43-54. Today’s reading is Jesus’ second miraculous sign recorded. The first was when He changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana. Now, we will see how Jesus has great power. He has the ability to heal illnesses. Notice how He doesn’t even have to be present to heal. His words alone are powerful enough.

After Jesus spent two days with villagers from Sychar, He continued on to Galilee and went back through Cana. Jesus was becoming quite popular with all the miracles He was doing. People wanted Jesus for what He could do for them. Again we see human nature, what is in it for me?

INSIGHT: People misunderstood who Jesus was. During His ministry, He performed miracles and healed the sick so people would come to know Him in a personal way. Instead, people saw Him as someone who petted their wishes and desires. Jesus wants people to believe Him, way more than believing in Him.

QUESTION: What is the difference between believing in God vs. believing God? What side are you on?

My hometown is across the Mackinac Bridge in Upper Michigan.

In verse 44, Jesus refers to how a prophet is not honored in his own hometown. To have context with why He made this comment, it would be helpful to read Matthew 13:53-58. Jesus makes Himself available for all. He died and resurrected for everyone. Yet, free will (like we talked about in a previous blog) can be a hindrance. When a person becomes indifferent to the things of God, Jesus will move on. He will not reside in a place that does not want Him.

QUESTION: Reread last week’s Bible study blog on the Samaritan woman. She was indifferent to the things of God yet when Jesus spoke with her, she responded with wanting more! Jesus is around and He is waiting for you. Are you like the Samaritan woman or those in His hometown? This is a question that we need to ask often. One season we may be like the woman and the next one we are telling God no thanks, I can do it on my own from here. We need to keep focused on truth and truth is Jesus Christ. We need to stay the course, keep up the good fight and don’t get swayed by worldly affairs.

A man with a sick son wanted the healing touch of Jesus. He went to Jesus and begged Him to go and heal his son. Jesus uses this opportunity to show that He is worthy to be trusted and that we can believe. Jesus speaks and the man believes His words. On his way back home, he got news that his son was alive and well.

God is never early or late. He is always on time! Look up and see.

QUESTION: The boy’s healing happened at what time? Look at verses 52-53. What does this say about God? How does this encourage you in your faith walk? We get to learn from what is recorded in the Bible. Jesus performed many other miracles which we don’t know about. Why do you think God gave us this particular story?

QUESTION: What did the man do to warrant God healing his son? See verse 50.

QUESTION: Do you believe the words of Jesus? I mean, really believe? Do you believe what God tells you in the Bible? Do you believe when the Holy Spirit speaks to your soul? Does your belief produce obedience?

I always have to chuckle at God’s impeccable timing. Before writing this lesson, God gave me His perfect timing this morning. I have been having constant anxiety this past week. I have many things swirling around in my mind as I plead with God for help and discernment. Feeling like I am at my wits’ end, I have learned to not doubt that God hears me but I certainly struggle with how things will play out. The unknown creates such angst within me as well as waiting for things to unfold.

So, this morning, as I lay in bed before the alarm goes off, God gave me clarity, clarity on my ponderings and confusion. It was a breath of fresh air which helped ease up on my anxiety. His clarity gives direction, even if the direction is knowing how to pray. The situation may not have changed, but when God breathes into you clarity, a new perspective and hope take flight and you can keep going until the situation changes.

QUESTION: How have you seen impeccable timing? My friend, when that happens, that is God wooing you to see Him for who He is! That is God’s invitation for you to believe and follow Jesus and His ways. He is reconfirming that His Presence is ever so near! Pertinent scriptures or the sun’s rays beaming through the clouds as I drive down the road to a specific song on the radio, are ways God alerts me to His presence.

God will climb any mountain (or staircase) to pursue us and when we give
Him the opportunity to catch us, He empowers us for great things!

God is trustworthy. He is faithful. God works double overtime in pursuing us. Whether it is for the very first time when we say yes to believing or to hearing His call to obedience and following Him, He wants us. Whether we’ve walked this faith path for years or we are stumbling along trying to figure things out, He won’t stop courting us until we are home with Him. So let’s jump in whole-heartedly when Jesus comes a callin’ so we can experience what it means to be wholly and unconditionally loved.

We are all travelling through on Earth until God calls us home.
What are you doing with the time allotted to you?

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