A Divided Debate

Today’s scripture study is broken into two parts. The first part is John 7:37-39. Jesus gives us a promise. Read this part. We have reached the final day of the festival. Soon, everyone will be dispersing and returning home. Notice how He begins speaking.

QUESTION: What is Jesus’ posture and how does He speak in verse 37? Why do you think He shouts?

He continues to show everyone how He is different from all the rest of the spiritual teachers/gods. A rabbi would remain seated while teaching. Jesus stands up. As we continue studying more of John, we will continue to learn that Jesus lives differently and His way is motivated by love.

Jesus’ living water can transform us! It does not matter what we look like
or what we have done or not done. We are to jump in and allow His
love to penetrate our very souls.

QUESTION: What does Jesus shout to the crowds?

QUESTION: What is the prerequisite for approaching Him, look at verse 37? He is not talking about a physical thirst. What kind of thirst is He talking about? Describe it. What is another imperative that Jesus talks about in verse 38?

Verse 39 explains that the living water is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given when a person receives Christ into their life. At this time, Jesus hasn’t entered into glory with His Father. So much happens when we get to John 20! Jesus changes religion to a personal relationship with carnal man.

His living water heals our souls!

Now, read the second part of today’s study, verses 40-52. With Jesus explaining how people won’t thirst any longer if they come to Him, people had mixed feelings. Think back to what we have learned, man will react within the confines of his flesh with his own reasonings and thoughts. Following Jesus will require faith, which is seeing things in a new way that is beyond our senses, feelings and emotions.

QUESTION: What were they thinking in verses 40-42? Read Deuteronomy 18:15 and see why people wonder if Jesus is who they are expecting.

We see how people are divided in their thinking. Some understood and others couldn’t get over their own reasonings. They rationalized with what they knew from scripture and by what they saw. And so far, we see Jesus having much patience with everyone. He totally understood how they were confined by a limited viewpoint. He continued to reveal who He was and He made Himself available so everyone had the opportunity to find Him and receive eternal life.

QUESTION: Jesus has not changed. He is still in pursuit of us. How does He pursue people today?

QUESTION: Is the world divided about Jesus today?

The leading priests and Pharisees wanted this man stopped! They were losing people to this man who spoke such oddities. Arresting Him would get Him off the streets. They sent Temple guards to arrest Him.

QUESTION: From verse 46, why did they not arrest Jesus? Read Matthew 7:28 for added insight.

QUESTION: The Pharisees were not too happy about this man named Jesus. How did they question the guards, verse 47? What two words did they call those who wanted to follow Him, see verse 49?

They could not see that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament ways that the Pharisees and priests knew so well. He wanted everyone to understand that but their carnal minds couldn’t see beyond what they knew. It was going to take faith to be able to see beyond themselves.

The Bible was given to us so we can know, without a shadow of a doubt,
that Jesus is real.

Nicodemus speaks up. Remember from the beginning of John 3, he goes and talks with Jesus privately. He questions if it’s legal to convict someone before a hearing.

QUESTION: How do the Pharisees reveal that they can’t see beyond what they know in their heads, see verse 52?

Our world is no different today. There is still division about who Jesus is! It will continue until He returns to restore harmony. Sin, free will and Satan will continue wreak havoc until that happens. Read Matthew 24.

QUESTION: Who do you say Jesus is? You have the Bible so you can know Him. Look around you in nature, God is everywhere. There are no coincidences or luck. All good things are from God. He makes Himself known to all of us.

INSIGHT: Read the story of Helen Keller. She was born blind and deaf. Her world was dark and nameless. When her teacher taught her sign language, her world opened up! Anne Sullivan taught her about God and Helen already knew who He was!

Jesus’ love is written on our hearts. We are made to be found by Him.

God is before you, Jesus wants to reside within you and the Holy Spirit will enter in when you believe and follow. God wants to show you what your life will look if His love bloomed within you. It’s time to believe and receive.

ADDED INSIGHT: What does faith look like? Read Habakkuk 2:1. We are to climb the watchtower over our lives and stand guard. We wait and see what the Lord is going to tell us and how He will answer. Our watchtower is the Bible. We are to be alert to how we spend our time and what we think about. Is our lives glorifying God? Seek things that honor Him and please Him.

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