Words To Live By

Proverbs 30:5 says, “Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection.” Let’s hunker down with this verse for a moment. Let’s pause for a bit and ponder these words. During this unprecedented time for our world, we need something that is sure-footed as a deer running in the woods. We need to be able to rely on something that is as secure as Fort Knox.

Right now, you may be thinking, “Yes, Carol, I know. It’s the Bible.” Well, guess what? You are right! God’s Word is impenetrable. Nothing and I mean nothing can break its foundation. It is more secure than Fort Knox. The wisdom within its pages is the grounding of our lives. When we live accordingly, unity happens, love happens. Healing takes place and we become astute and informed.

We are to go to God with childlike faith. Matthew 18:2-4 says, “Jesus called a
little child to Him and put the child among them. He said, ‘I tell you the truth,

unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will
never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. So anyone who becomes as humble
as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.'”

That’s because God equips us when we look to Him. God changes us from the inside out. We become useful and productive in ways that matter. Life would take on a whole new look, wouldn’t it? And I believe that is the purpose for this virus. God is allowing a little germ to invade this world to disrupt us.

“Hey, what has happened to you? When has life, that I gave you, become about entertainment and fun? When did you become your own god and think you can do what you want?” And in His love, He pushes the stop button which causes His creation to cease, to rest. “I love you too much to let you keep going down this deadly track. There are too many of you being duped by the enemy and it grieves me that you have fallen for his lies and deception.”

Here is where the Bible is essential. Man has proven time and time again that we cannot lead ourselves successfully. Refresh yourself with a history lesson or two. Read all the many non-fiction stories in the Bible that reveal that we are one brick shy of a full load. God likens us to sheep. Why? Because we wander away without thinking. Sheep need a shepherd to lead them safely home. We are no different.

So, let’s get back on track. Let’s look at Proverbs 8. Wisdom is calling out! God wants us to listen and hear what He is saying. We have gone far too long living fat, dumb and happy. We have become so accustomed to taking advantage of the things God gave us. We have turned them into gods and we let them serve us. Oh, Lord, may we change how we think and live.

Wisdom is calling out! She calls us simple people. We are to use good judgment. She calls us foolish people. We are to show understanding. We are to listen to what she has to say.

INSIGHT: Wisdom is referred to as a she. I googled on why this is. There are various reasons but I like this one: wisdom in Hebrew is a feminine word and throughout scripture, we see wisdom referred in the feminine sense.

God is constant and never changing. How He taught people in biblical times is the same for us today. God’s Word is timeless. It is for all people in all generations. We can rely and trust on the words of Truth. It is wholesome and His words are plain to anyone with understanding. God gives clarity to us when you look to Him. He makes our path straight, see Proverbs 3:6.

We are to choose His instruction and knowledge over worldly treasures. When we have wisdom, we also receive good judgment. We will fear the LORD. Wisdom will give us common sense and whenever we have success in something, know it is from God. He gives us strength and insight.

God continues teaching us in this proverb rich with truths. If you search you will find. God never hides Himself from one who thirsts for Him. We see that wisdom has enduring wealth. The greatest treasure we can obtain is not found on earth. Sadly, many have become blind to this truth.

Wonder where wisdom came from? Read verses 22-31. God loves to brag about His creation! See, how happy we make Him? Yet, sin crept in and we are descendants of the fall. This is why we need to choose who to follow. We each have two choices, God or the world. We can’t serve both.

Wisdom continues on with how important it is to listen. We will have joy. Don’t ignore godly instruction. Be alert daily and wait for the LORD to show you what He wants for you. He promises that those who find Him, they will find life and receive favor from Him.

Enjoy the simple things of God.

As we continue on walking at a slower pace, do not miss what God is doing. He is bringing us back to the basics. Families are eating dinner around the table. Families are taking walks and parents are teaching their kids. People are giving of themselves to help their neighbor. There are more phone calls being made. People are sleeping more. I hope you are seeing that this is good, very good. Healing is taking place my friends.

Let’s continue on in gaining wisdom from the One who loves us more than we realize. Cherish these moments that God is giving us. And when worldly life resumes, may we not join in. God does not want us to return to the slavery of Egypt. Let’s keep moving forward to the Promised Land.

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