God Gives 2020 Vision

As we continue on in Bible Study, we are going to see how God has impeccable timing. As we all continue to adjust our lives to this coronavirus, we can learn a great deal in what God may be wanting us to know during this unsettling time. So, read John 9:1-16 to get started.

As Jesus was walking along with His disciples, they saw a man that was born blind. The disciples asked a question that all of us ask in our minds when we see others who are born with impairments. “Why was he born this way? Is it because of sin?” Perhaps we ponder what his mother may have done while pregnant that would warrant his ailment or we question God in what He was thinking?

We all have so many questions for God, don’t we? I hope He is ready for the onslaught of questions we will have when we get to heaven. But I have a feeling that we won’t need to ask because His presence will fulfill all that we wonder about. Jesus is the answer for all things.

INSIGHT: Since Jesus is God, He knows all the answers to our questions. We can go to Him with all our wonderings, ponderings and questions for He created all things.

QUESTION: From verse 3, what did Jesus say?

His answer should encourage us. Like this blind man, we all have ailments that cause us to walk around handicapped where we are unable to live the way God intended for us. Sin has wrecked God’s original design. Yet, God had a plan. One which involves His Son becoming our Savior and Lord so we can live redeemed and holy while on earth. For this to happen, we need to follow Jesus. We need His power within us.

Let’s continue studying to see what happens when we have Christ’s power within us. Jesus says that we must quickly carry out the tasks assigned to us. We each are called to do things that will glorify God and build up His Kingdom.

In verse 4, we see how Jesus talks about how the night is coming and work will cease. No one knows when the grave will come for any of us. While we have breath, we are to be alert and carrying out what God has called us to do.

Jesus is the light that guides us home.

He continues on in verse 5 with how He is in the world and He is our light so we don’t have to walk around blind, like the man that is before them. God wants us to know that we are unable to find our own way in this darkened world. We need another pair of eyes to help us see.

QUESTION: What did Jesus do to help the man, see verse 6?

QUESTION: Jesus told the man to do something. What was it?

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel to a particular pool and rub mud on our eyes so we can see. When Jesus resides within us, HE GIVES US NEW EYESIGHT. He has the power to heal any ailment we have. Notice something here, the man had to do his part before healing could take place. He had to obey the words of Christ.

QUESTION: What happened to the man when he obeyed Jesus?

PRAYER TIME: Stop and listen. What is God saying to you? He is speaking my friends. It is time for His children to return to Him and see, really see. Then obey what He is asking of you. Too many of us enjoy the blessings of God without having to lift a finger.

Reread verses 8-16. When a person experiences the power of Christ upon their life, they are changed from the inside out. Family and friends will notice and question what has happened. We see this here. Of course they want to know how he can see so they questioned him. We question too.

The man didn’t shy away from sharing how he now has perfect sight. He answers them plainly and truthfully.

QUESTION: If you have received Christ, who have you shared your story with? Remember, we need to quickly carry out our tasks for nightfall will come upon all of us at some point. Your story WILL IMPACT someone else. We all need to do our part for His Kingdom.

I have shared this turtle’s story before. He is a paraplegic. We don’t know how
he got this way but he swims freely in the world God gave him despite it.
May we swim freely in Christ.

Notice the difficulty people had with believing his story. They did not want to see for themselves what Jesus can do for them too. Time and time again we see how people get stuck in their own thinking and reasoning. They continue on in their own spiritual blindness.

They took the man to the religious leaders but they, too, weren’t willing to see beyond themselves. None of them could get past the fact that Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath. They were so stuck in their religious ways that they couldn’t see two feet in front of them.

This is what sin does, it blinds us. It boxes us in where we become trapped and enslaved. We are all born blind. And we all need the healing touch of Jesus. We all need to have surgery, open-heart surgery, where God comes in and unlocks our imprisoned hearts. From there, He gives us clear 2020 vision, discernable hearing and freedom to be who we are meant to be.

Remember how the man had his part in his healing? We, too, have our part. We are to know Jesus personally. This can only happen when we study His Word. God will take His truths and use them to transform us into His likeness. And as He does His good work within us, we are to share it with others. Our lives will become beacons of hope in this virus-ridden world.

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