He’s The Real Deal

We are continuing on in John 10. Last week, we studied how Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He watches over His flock. Today, we study the second part of chapter 10, verses 22-42. Go ahead and read this passage. It is now winter. Several months have passed and Hanukkah is taking place.

Take note that in our last study, we saw how people were divided in their opinion of who Jesus is. As we read today’s lesson, we continue to see how people still lack faith and understanding. They continue to trust their five senses. Notice how they question Him.

QUESTION: What do they ask Jesus in verse 24? How do they reveal that they don’t quite understand?

There is no stumbling block that man can erect within
his heart that God cannot overcome!

It is like they are saying, “Come on Jesus. Are you the Messiah or not? Quit talking jibber jabber and tell us straight up.” I recall my husband telling me that Jesus would have to come and sit down in front of him and prove Himself before he could believe. Thankfully God is not deterred by our narrow-mindedness. God helped Rob to see by faith. He has helped me to see how real He is. He wants you to come to know Him too.

Again, we see Jesus continuing on in explaining who He is. Notice how He doesn’t throw in the towel and give up on them. He doesn’t walk away saying, “You people are hopeless. You are not worth all this trouble. I’m done.”

ADDED INSIGHT: Something changes within us when we realize that we deserve Jesus deserting us. He should have told God, “Beam me up Dad. I’m coming back home.”

QUESTION: How does He answer them in verses 25-27? What did we learn from last week’s study about the relationship between the Shepherd and His sheep?

QUESTION: God gives three action words in verse 27. What are they?

QUESTION: Are you one of His sheep? If yes, do you obey His voice or do you wander off doing your own thing?

God shares some of the most beautiful words with them. Look at verse 28. “I give them eternal life and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me.”

God is with us. Heaven shines down upon us 24/7.
All we have to do is look up and receive.

QUESTION: Do you believe Jesus loves you? He desperately wants you to come, know who He is and follow Him. What do you receive from verse 28?

Jesus is wanting them to know how secure they would be with Him. Instead of receiving His words and believing, they picked up stones to kill Him. He continues to question them despite their actions.

QUESTION: Their answer revealed the root of their anger. What do they say in verse 33?

This same root is what trips us up in surrendering our lives to Him and letting Him be in control. It is the same root that tripped up Satan. Pride and our egos feed our thirsty souls. When this happens we want to be god. We want to live our own way and have the world revolve around us. Deception by the evil one in the Garden brought about death and separation from God. We know that sin has a price and Christ came to pay the hefty price tag to save us.

Reread Jesus’ response in verses 34-38. Jesus refers them back to Old Testament laws where there were judges who kept order in the land. These judges forgot who they were working for. They made themselves gods instead of pointing people to the true God. So, Jesus questioned them in why He is wrong to say He is the Son of God since the human judges do the same thing.

QUESTION: What does Jesus tell them in verses 37-38 that will help them to see the truth; so they will know that He is who He says He is?

By verse 39 we can see that they chose to not believe what He was telling them. They tried to arrest Him. He was able to slip away.

Those that saw beyond their own reasonings, judgements and opinions continued to follow Him. They pondered over what they knew. Look at verse 41.

QUESTION: What happened to those who pondered and sought Jesus out; see verse 42?

Hebrews 4:12 – For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper
than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit,
between joints and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

It is no different for us today. God is asking each of us these same questions. Do you believe the words of Christ? Do you believe what the Bible says? God is speaking to you. Are you listening? When we choose to believe, God leads us by the hand through His Word and helps us to trust Him. He places the Holy Spirit within our hearts. We have a Counselor who intercedes for us 24/7. And by the studying of His Word and listening to the Spirit, He will reveal Himself so we will know for certain whom we have come to believe.

From the moment of our spiritual conception, we are never alone. God takes us from simply existing to living with eternal purpose. We would be wise to say yes for Jesus is truly the Son of God!

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