Living The Good Life

Romans 7:25 says, “Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord”. In our study last time, we learned how much we struggle in sin. Everyday we battle our flesh as we keep our eyes on the prize, which is Jesus Christ. Why Jesus? Let’s look at Hebrews 2:14, it says, “Because God’s children are human beings, made of flesh and blood, the Son also became flesh and blood. For only as a human being could He die, and only by dying could He break the power of the devil, who HAD the power of death.” Pay attention to the past tense. This is the game changer for us as God’s children.

As a child of God, we live by a whole different set of rules. Paul shares what this looks like in Romans 8. Go ahead and read that chapter.

ASK YOURSELF: What is your identity according to verse 1? What else do you learn about your identity; according to verse 2?


My friends, we are heading in the right direction as we seek out living the good life!

STOP and think about what Paul wants you to know from these first two verses as well as the Hebrew verse above.

God breathes everlasting life into you when Jesus enters your heart!

Would you like to have a simple story in your arsenal of how to share the gospel with someone? Paul gives it in verses 3-4:

  1. The law of Moses is unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature.
  2. God did what the law could not do. He sent His own Son in a body, like the bodies we sinners have.
  3. In Christ’s body, God declared an end to sin’s control over us. Jesus was our sacrifice for our sins.
  4. God did this so the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us.
  5. When we come to Christ, we no longer follow our sinful nature. Instead, we follow the Holy Spirit in obedience.

Paul gives us a simple way to offer someone hope for their future. Share this truth and then pray with them to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. God and all His angels will be shouting and rejoicing in heaven!

Paul continues on and shows us how we have a choice in how to live in verses 5-9. Remember, God does not make anyone believe in His Son. He gives man free will to choose whom he will serve.

ASK YOURSELF: From these verses, how does a person live when dominated by their sinful nature? How about a person who is controlled by the Holy Spirit? Where are you headed if you follow your flesh? How about following the Spirit?

Take a closer look at verse 8, “Those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God.” What is God saying to you?

Verses 10-17 lets us know who the Holy Spirit is and how He is our vital lifeline in having fellowship with God. We learn that Christ comes to take up residence within us. Because of this, our bodies will die away but our spirits are alive in Christ. A very important aspect of living the good life is that we have been made right with God.

DEEPER QUESTION: Who are we before we were made right with God? List out as many adjectives as you can describing who we are before Christ enters in.

ASK YOURSELF: What does God do for His children who have been reborn, see verse 11?

This, my friends, means that we are no longer under any obligation to follow what our sinful natures urges us to do.

ASK YOURSELF: Paul gives some strong words in verse 13. What are they?

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.”

Paul gives us encouraging words. We do not receive a spirit that makes us fearful slaves. The world already does that. Instead, we receive God’s Spirit. He adopts us into His family.

ASK YOURSELF: What can we call God, now that we are in His family, see verse 15? What do we gain by being a part of His family, see verse 17?

BE AWARE: Satan wants you to deny these truths about your identity in Christ. Verse 16 says that your spirit joins with the Holy Spirit to affirm that you are God’s child. He wants you to doubt what God is saying to you. He will keep you distracted so you forget. 

Let Jesus give your sinful nature a one-two punch and render it dead. You are alive in Christ to do great things for His Kingdom.

Do you know, Satan hates unity? The last thing He wants for us is to enjoy fellowship with God. If he can keep people living individualistically, then his job to keep us enslaved is easy. Division and lawlessness always ensue in an individualistic society. Look at the United States during this global health crisis. Having it be an election year, also, is proving to show how believers in America have fallen for the traps of the enemy.

It’s time to awaken and rise up and stand united to what Jesus has done for us and what He has called us to do for this generation! 2020 is truly the year of perfect vision. God is opening the eyes of the blind, those who have taken their eyes off of Christ.

Paul continues on with two encouragements that help in battling our DEFEATED FOE!

The first encouragement is found in verses 18-30, it talks about the future glory that we receive when God’s children are together with Him in heaven.

ASK YOURSELF: What encourages you from these verses? We have much to look forward to, don’t we?

We have enduring hope which keeps us moving forward to the glorious day when we will be all together, truly united in love!

The second encouragement is found in verses 31-39. I encourage you to “stop and smell the roses” from these verses.

Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Nothing!

God gives us the good life while on earth when we live for Christ. He rewards us with a great life when He takes us home. What a grand that day that will be!

We become strong in Christ when we live and breathe His truths.

Until He calls each of us home, get serious with sin in your life. Reconcile yourself to the Lover of your soul and receive Him into your life. From there, walk in obedience to His calling and His ways. Become a student of the Bible. This is the greatest piece of weaponry we have to combat the lies from the devil. Be brave, for God may ask you to let go of things that are weighing you down, tripping you up, keeping you busy. Let go. God has something greater for you! Trust Him.

God will show you that it’s beyond ok to be living by a new set of rules.


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