God’s Playbook

Football players must know their team’s playbook inside and out so they can operate as one on the field. It is the same for every believer on God’s team. The Bible is our playbook. You and I must know what is written on the pages and execute the plays when were out in the field … More God’s Playbook

The Inside Story

“I know who You are, the Holy One sent from God!” – Mark 1:24, Luke 4:34 “You are the Son of God!” – Mark 3:11, Luke 4:41 “I know Jesus.” – Acts 19:15 Throughout the pages of the Bible, you learn the inside story of the love that God has for His children. God makes … More The Inside Story

The Greatest Reward

The greatest reward isn’t a gold medal in the Olympics, or to have riches like Elon Musk. It wouldn’t even come close to being the person discovering the cure for cancer. The greatest reward bestowed to man is within reach of every person ever born, unfortunately way too many ignore it. Take the man in … More The Greatest Reward

Peace For Christmas

God desires for you to live in peace. He made it possible when He sent His Son down to earth over 2,000 years ago. Right from conception, Jesus began changing hearts. Read how God began using Jesus in Luke 1:39-45. “Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.”41 This is the secret sauce to having deep … More Peace For Christmas