God Wants You

Paul continues to shower us with good things as we study the rest of Ephesians 1. We acquire quite a resume of traits when we follow Jesus. We learned that we bring God pleasure and joy when we choose to follow His Son. Great things are in store for God’s children and Paul wants everyone to know who they become when they become faithful followers of Jesus.

The path to God leads to abundant living. We walk in the presence of Christ continually.

Let’s recap a few of the beautiful traits: we are blessed with every spiritual blessing, God loved us before He made the world, He chooses us, He showers us with kindness and gives us wisdom and understanding. Who doesn’t need discernment during these trying days? We all could use wisdom and understanding. God will be gracious in giving it to us.

Go ahead and read the second part of Ephesians 1, verses 15-23. We see how tender and loving Paul is towards his fellow believers, his eternal family. He prays fervently for others. He wants no one to miss out on anything that God has to offer them.

Paul starts out saying that believers are strong in their faith and they show love to people everywhere.

ASK YOURSELF: Could Paul say this about you?

Notice what we learn about Paul from verse 16. Paul prays constantly. He is giving us THE KEY that help unlock the treasure that lies within each of us. He communes with God moment-by-moment.

We all possess a key that unlocks the wonders of the world. What if you used your key and discovered a treasure that would change your world?

Prayer is the foundation of our faith walks. It is what brings us to God’s altar where we can hear, learn and be led victoriously throughout our days. Prayer helps us to be humble and keeps us respectful. We leave different from His altar after we talk with our Father.

God wants to share His love with you. Take time to get to know the Lover of your soul.

Let’s see what Paul would like God to do for us. You will notice that we see a list of priorities. Paul starts with asking God to give believers spiritual wisdom and insight.

ASK YOURSELF: Why do you think Paul starts this way; see verse 17?

It is vital to grow in the knowledge of God. We will not live out God’s ways on our own. Our flesh in its sinful state won’t allow it. We need to be called out of this world. God is calling each of us out, to follow His Son. God is calling us out so we can be redeemed and made new, ready for heaven.

Paul wants our hearts to be flooded with the light of Christ.

ASK YOURSELF: Why does he want this, see verse 18?

We just don’t receive hope, we receive confident hope.

ASK YOURSELF: Who are we as God’s children, see verse 18?

STOP and think about this. You are God’s rich and glorious inheritance! I am God’s rich and glorious inheritance! God sees us as assets to His Kingdom. He is happy to have you and me as His kids. He wants us.

You are wanted by our Heavenly Father. You are needed. He loves you.

Paul continues on wanting us to understand the incredible greatness of God’s power. I so desperately want to fully understand the power that lies within me. Don’t you?

ASK YOURSELF: How strong of power do we possess as Christ followers; see verse 20?

Because of Jesus resurrecting from the dead, God seated Him at His right hand in heaven. This signifies authority and power over everything else in the universe!

ASK YOURSELF: Look at verse 21. Is God’s power for this world only?

Nope. God’s power reaches into the future. Right now, at this very moment, Jesus is preparing a place for us. He will come for us when He is ready.

ASK YOURSELF: What has God done in verse 22 that make Jesus worthy of our undivided attention?

Notice what happens when believers follow Christ whole-heartedly in verse 23. We are the Church, God’s Church. We are the body of Christ.

ASK YOURSELF: How many bodies does Jesus have?

Yes, that’s right, one body. What does this tell us about how we are to walk with God? Believers are to walk united in love, as one. Why? Because we are full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with Himself.23 1 Corinthians 12:12 clearly tells us, “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.”

God makes Himself known.

I hope you are seeing from studying Ephesians, so far, how loved and wanted you are by God. He is crazy about you. Whatever sins you possess, God’s love is not deterred by it! Whatever wrong choices you have made, God can redeem you back to Himself. The blood shed by His Son erases our sinful side. We become new people who loves God and loves others.

God wants you. Choose yes and see what God wants to show you.

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