When Love Draws Near

We all start out life, left to die. I know, morbid and creepy, but it’s true. Sin separates us from God. We walk around with a gray cloud hovering over our heads. While rays of sunshine can brighten our day, we can never get rid of the cloud. It follows us everywhere. It keeps us hidden.

We can’t escape the reality of sin on our own.

Until, Jesus walks by.

He sees you. He calls out, “Live!” When you look up and respond, Jesus helps you to thrive. The cloud is gone, far removed, and your heart is taken from death’s door to heaven’s door in an instant.

You are made new.

Jesus walks by again. He sees you, ready to learn about love. He wraps His cloak around you. You do not need to worry any longer. Your nakedness has been covered.

His blood can do that, you know.

Jesus declares you worthy of marriage. He loves you so much that He is dedicating His life to you. He will be committed to you until the end of time, which in fact is forever, by His standards.

You will never be alone again.

Jesus carves your name along with His on a tree. He wants everyone to know the love that is between the two of you. He hopes you want everyone to know too.

He bathes and washes away the cloud of filth that surrounded you.

You are now eternally alive!

With Jesus, He clears the skies so we can see His beauty.

Jesus gives you expensive clothing to wear along with lovely jewelry. He adorns you with gold and silver. Nothing is too extravagant for you. The best is given because you said yes to His invitation to join Him on the ride of lifetime.

You will never thirst or hunger for scraps ever again. Jesus feeds you the finest foods from His buffet. You will discover what true satisfaction feels like. There will be no more McDonald’s runs or hanging at a bar to satisfy your cravings. When we drink from Christ’s well, we will no longer thirst. Remember, He told a woman at a well this very thing. She could not hold it in when she was in her Savior’s presence. She told the whole town! Read John 4:1-30.

Jesus says you will become more beautiful when you allow Him to walk with you.

He will treat you like royalty, all dressed in splendor.

You will have no need that Jesus cannot help you with. There is no reason to fear when He is around. All of creation is under His control. Even the smallest of creatures follow His decrees.

Jesus loves you more than you can imagine!

Jesus’ love draws near to you. Look up and “Live!”

(This is an adaptation of Ezekiel 16:1-14)

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