Pursue Life

Today, you will finish studying Paul’s first letter to his dear friend and partner in the faith, Timothy. Yes, there is a second letter that you will study as well. That will begin later this week. Paul ends his letter with a variety of life lessons in how to behave like a believer. You and I are called to keep in step with the King of kings as we learn to love and serve others. This happens when we choose to pursue life; His life.

Read 1 Timothy 6.

The first two verses talk about slaves. In today’s society, there isn’t this slave/master set up. You can, though, liken this to having a boss at your job who you report to. With this in mind, how should an employee treat their employer? Paul says if your employer is a believer, why should an employee work even harder?

In the last part of verse 2, Paul gives two traits of a believer. A believer is to teach truths to others and encourage them to obey God’s truths. We all would benefit in God’s family if we lived this way. Why would this be true, see verse 3? How would the family unit benefit when both spouses in a marriage live out biblical truths as well as parents teaching their children?

In verses 3-5, Paul shows the traits of those who may act like believers: 1. When truth is taught, they will often contradict it. 2. If you teach something other than the scriptures, you are arrogant and lack understanding of deeper truths. Paul says you like to quibble over the wording. What does this cause, according to verse 4? 3. You are a trouble maker. How does Paul describe their minds, see verse 5? False believers have turned their back on the truth and they act godly so they can obtain what they want, which is usually wealth.

What does verse 6 say about true godliness? Why is this true, see verses 7-8? Verses 9 and 10 reveal an American pitfall that too many are falling victim to. What is it? What happens to those who love money more than God?

There is a sad reality in verse 10, “People who craving money have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.” Paul is describing someone who abided in the truths of Christ yet allowed themselves to look away and fall in love with the most deadly vice that is causing so many believers to lose their footing on the path that leads to heaven.

If you are a man or woman of God, notice what Paul says in the final verses of his letter to Timothy. You are to run from all these evil things. You are to pursue righteousness and a godly life. What else are you to pursue, see verse 11?

You are to fight with all your might the good fight which in Christ, see verse 12. This says that your faith cannot be stagnant or you will become apathetic towards God. Because Jesus is alive and active within your repentant heart, you are to live in such a way that your life exhibits Christ. You are to hold tightly to your eternal life. It is a gift from God. Do not take this lightly. Look at the end of this verse, “which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.” Are you pursuing Jesus in such a way that everyone around you sees Him? If not, why not? What is in the world that is more important than Jesus saving you from your sins and letting you have eternal life?

Paul gives stark words in verses 13-14 that reveal the importance of walking actively and deliberately in your faith. What does Paul tell you and why?

Christ is returning, and “at just the right time Christ will be revealed from heaven by the blessed and only almighty God, the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.”15 What else do you learn about Christ in verse 16 that should help you to pursue life?

Paul goes back to the harsh reality of what happens when a person loves money. From verses 17-19, you learn that money makes one proud. When a bank account is full, one will trust in it over Christ. Why is this a bad idea; see verse 17? Why should you trust in God instead? What are you supposed to do with money according to verse 18?

What does Paul say in verse 19 that will benefit your future? What will you experience?

Like Timothy, Paul is telling you to, “guard what God has entrusted to you.”20 What is the last warning that Paul gives, see verse 20-21? Be careful of those who are immature in their knowledge of Christ. They will lead you astray.

The path to heaven is one where you must pursue Christ daily, and in a conscientious manner. You cannot put yourself in auto-pilot mode and expect to remain on the path. Your flesh will wander off rather quickly, and the enemy knows it. Pursue His life and see what God has for you!

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