Divine Minister

At the end of Hebrews 4, you read that Jesus entered back into heaven as the High Priest. No one else is needed to intercede on man’s behalf to God. Jesus understands your weaknesses and He, too, was tested the way you are so He is able to help you. This High Priest grants mercy and grace upon those who follow Him. Go ahead and read Hebrews 5 and let’s see what you can learn about this Divine Minister who will walk intimately with you.

This Divine Minister is the Sacrificial Lamb that came to save us from our sins. He will return as a Lion to judge us.

In the first four verses, the author of Hebrews describes an earthly high priest. What do you learn about him?

You see that he is chosen, selected from among men as well as being called by God. He intercedes to God on behalf of other believers. He offers sacrifices for their sins as well as his own. He is to be gentle with those who may have a hard time understanding spiritual matters and compassionate for he, himself, is human and sinful. From Hebrews 4:15, you learn how Jesus was set apart to be our High Priest. “He did not sin.”15 No one can say this about themselves, thus no human can save mankind from sin.

What do you learn about Jesus from verses 5-6? He, too, was chosen by God. Read Genesis 14:17-24 to learn more about Melchizedek.

Jesus understands what being human is like. He walked the earth like you and I do. What do you learn from verses 7-10 about Jesus? You see how God and Jesus interact with one another. Jesus prayed and pleaded with God shedding tears and crying out to God. Be encouraged by verse 7, God heard Jesus’ prayers for Jesus had deep reverence for God. You are also called to interact with God in this way; humbled and broken. Jesus was dependent upon His Father. Are you?

Jesus suffered like you and I do. In His suffering, Jesus learned obedience. When life gets hard, what can you learn from God that will help you to remain focused on Him? I am going through a hard time where God is stripping me of my expectations. To be honest, I hate it, but I know there is a purpose for it. I have allowed God to reveal Himself to me throughout the years where I know there is no one else to turn to but Him. Be encouraged by reading John 6:68. God has proven Himself to me, time and time again, that He never leaves me and He always helps me, thus I trust Him.

(If you are interested in learning more on how God helped me to trust Him, I have published my story. Check out under the “Books” tab in the menu and find a couple links in purchasing, “God Hears My Heart”. Learn the Good News of Jesus Christ and how He made himself real to me in every day life.)

By Jesus experiencing what you and I experience, God qualified Jesus as our perfect High Priest. What did Jesus become for all those who obey Him, see verse 9?

This divine minister became the source of eternal salvation.

What are you to do with this truth that Jesus is the perfect High Priest, the divine minister, see verse 9?

From verse 11, how are you NOT to live? Jesus did not become your source of eternal salvation for you to live blase’ towards God. Refresh your memory and read the blogpost from a few days ago, Heaven Is Not A Guarantee, to learn why you shouldn’t take your salvation for granted.

How is a believer described in verses 11-13 that show that they are slow to learn and don’t live focused on Christ? What could they be focused on instead? An infant, a new believer, doesn’t live with discernment, see verse 13. They are unable to keep worldly things and spiritual things separate. An immature believer gets easily distracted by the things in the world.

Someone who is mature in their faith has trained themselves by walking by the Spirit on a daily basis. They feed on God’s Word and grow up in their faith. The Holy Spirit gives them discernment, and the ways of the world become less appealing and desiring. They strip off their old clothes of sin, and put on attire that is suitable for Kingdom living.

Here’s a snippet from “God Hears My Heart,” that explains this: “God wants you to get a new wardrobe and be clothed with items that will enhance your beauty in Him. God wants you to be comfortable in His attire, but you have to get in the fitting room and try truth on. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually you will find that God’s style fits you like a glove, like Jesus jeggings.” (page 123)

A true believer is attracted to the same things that Jesus is attracted to.

If you find yourself not wanting to align to biblical truths, or you find spiritual matters boring and dull, you are being duped by Satan. He has you focused on yourself and your wants and desires. There’s only one cure for the enemy’s deception upon you, repentance.

The Divine Minister will receive you once you stand before Him broken and ready to confess that you turned your back on Him. Your High Priest will listen to you as you confess with honesty your fleshy ways and how you love things to go your way, but you are ready to let God lead you from that moment forward. The Holy Spirit enters in and He begins a heart transplant (read chapter 8 of my book to learn more) where your heart becomes alive to the things of God rather than the things in the world.

God will make His presence ever so clear to you. Respond to His love.

Christ will become your heart’s desire and you won’t search anymore. You are home in Christ.

When you do wander away, for you still live in a fleshy body, you know to return quickly for your spirit will be restless. Christ will be your peace once again after your repent and turn back to God.

You are called to mature yourself in the ways of the Lord. You have a Divine Minister who is capable of preparing you for heaven one day. Christ is waiting for you.

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