God’s Audacious Love For You

I have finished reading the book of Hosea. When I reached chapter 11, I was blown away at the audacious love of God for His children. I would love for you to read the whole book of Hosea. If you are looking for a good read outside of the Bible, check out Francine Rivers’ book, “Redeeming Love.” You will read the book of Hosea in fiction, story form. It is so good!

Today, let’s glean into God’s undying, unswerving, unconditional love that He has for His children. Here is Hosea 11 written in today’s language. May you be encouraged like I am.

God loved you even before you were conceived.

Since your childhood, actually when God knitted you within your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16), God loves you. Notice the present tense. God loves you right now. His love is eternal and it is independent of anything you do, whether good or bad. There is nothing that can separate you from His love; see Romans 8:31-39.

God calls you out of Egypt, this sinful world. God calls you continuously. He does everything in His power to convince you to say yes to His Son and follow Him. The reason: You like to do your own thing and you choose to run far away, loving worldly things more. You like to keep God on the sidelines while you live how you want to live.

Despite your wayward ways, if you look to Christ, God will teach you how to walk, leading you by the hand. He is with you right now, desiring you to turn from your selfish ways and allow Him to show you how to live for eternity. It’s time to trade your worldly successes for heavenly ones that will take you into eternity.

God leads you with “ropes of kindness and hope”4 despite your lack of knowledge of Him or your forgetfulness that God is even (trying) to lead you. It is so easy to turn a blinds eye from the very thing that you so desperately need.

God also “lifts the yoke from your neck, and stoops down to feed you.”4 Life is full of snares, trappings by the devil himself. His domain, for now, is this world. Jesus will be returning to set everything straight. Until then, you have opportunity to change your address from death row with Satan to eternal life in Christ. When you follow Jesus with all your heart, soul and mind (see Matthew 22:37, Deuteronomy 6:5 and 10:12-16), God removes the very things that suffocate and snuff out His fruits. He replaces them with Himself and all that is His.

You become satisfied in heavenly things as earthly things lose their flavor and appeal.

Unfortunately, you would rather satisfy yourself, thus you refuse to turn to God for help. Believers that live in western cultures tend to suffer from disobedience. They love their worldly lives more. What the enemy does not want you realize is that worldly ways force you into its mold where you serve him rather than God’s Son.

The enemy wages war, trapping you in your own plans.

One must awaken to this fallacy that many Christians are falling victim to. So many are placing the things of this world before God and His Son. One example, believers are defending their freedom as Americans more than their freedom in Christ. Many seem to be so “determined to desert God. They know God exists for they call on Him, but they don’t truly honor Him.”7

This anguishes God’s loving heart. Whenever His child chooses anything in this world, God’s heart is torn from within. His compassion overflows like Niagara Falls. It never ceases and dries up. He never wants to give you up. Understanding this should cause not only a stirring within your heart, but a conviction that leads to repentance.

Repentance is needed so God can step in and change your broken heart.

In sin, man deserves the same fate as Satan will receive. Until Jesus returns to make things right, God withholds His fierce anger, see verse 9. He could, and should completely destroy His creation for the lawlessness that prevails throughout His land, but He patiently waits with the audacious love He has for you, me, and everyone else.

“For someday the people will follow Me.”10

God wants you to invite His Son into your life.

God never gives up on you. He will keep trying to convince you of His love until you take your last breath. He will speak to you in a tender, fatherly voice, or He will roar like a lion to wake you up. Either way, He is awakening you so you become a Kingdom builder for all eternity. He needs for you to open your eyes to the deceit surrounding you. God needs for you to realize this truth, “I am the Holy One living among you.”9

When you hear His roar, return to Him. You do not have to fear for He carries you in the palm of His hands, see Isaiah 41:10, 41:13, and 49:16. Return to God broken and repentant, for His heart’s desire is to bring you home again. This is only possible by God’s amazing, audacious love through His Son, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for you.

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