Pursuing Passion

I want to pursue Christ like the wise men did long ago. God promised a Savior and a group of men watched the skies closely for God to unveil His plan. They studied the scriptures, God’s very own words given to all mankind, and orientated themselves to see with their own eyes the splendor of God.

They longed to know God in an intimate way. Do you desire to know God intimately?

God wants you to pursue Him. He desires for you to seek Him with your whole being. Psalm 119:10 KJV says, “With my whole heart have I sought thee; O let me not wander from thy commandments.” Jeremiah 29:13 NLT says, “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.” The wise men pursued, and they found what their hearts were needing when they came into the presence of their King. God’s promise fulfilled, and they witnessed it for themselves. Great worship took place as they stared at a small baby full of passion for people.

God will reveal Himself to you in your darkness. Seek and you shall find.

Many missed Christ’s birth that starry night so long ago, and many are missing Him today. So busy, so busy with responsibilities, chores, appointments, hobbies, etc. The busyness that ensnares all of us is the same busyness back in Bethlehem. Those who saw Christ that night chose to see. They orientated themselves so they will see God. Those who missed out chose to not see; their own livelihoods had their attention more.

How does one orientate himself to see God? How does one miss God?

Matthew 2 reveals the answer to these questions. Let’s look at how one misses God first. Notice how King Herod revealed a costly mistake. He asked the wise men to seek Christ for him. Then, he would go and worship too, see verses 7-8. One cannot find Christ through another person. A believer can point someone to Christ and His Word, but he cannot make them see or understand. Only God can open a man’s heart, see Ezekiel 36:26.

You must call on the name of the Lord to be saved. You must cry out asking God to help you. You must confess your sins, and receive His grace and mercy. What do you learn from Acts 4:12?

What actions did Herod take to reveal his lack of desire to know God? He couldn’t get past his own ways.

Now, let’s look at how the wise men were able to see God for themselves. They watched for God in His creation. God gave them a star. When they saw it, they travelled to seek the King of kings. They went to where Jesus was. Praise God that, today, Jesus is everywhere. When you turn towards Him, He meets you right where you are. There is no travel involved when it comes to finding God.

The wise men desired to worship the Lord. How about you? They knew that Jesus will be the Shepherd for God’s people, see verse 6. As they followed the star, led by God, they were filled with joy. God’s presence does that. He settles your soul.

When they entered into where Jesus laid, they bowed down and worshiped Him. Jesus changes you from the inside out. Your heart becomes alive spiritually. This awakening then takes hold in all other areas of your life and you learn to live for Him. Your responsibilities, chores, appointments, hobbies, etc., now have a purpose. Your life is centered around Jesus, and the Holy Spirit leads you from there.

Notice how the wise men returned home another way. God warned of danger. They were not to return to Herod. Why do you think God did this? When Jesus enters your heart, you are not the same person you once were. You are now alive in Christ, made new by His life-giving blood. Don’t be afraid of new routes, new ways of living for God is with you. He will reorientate your life. Trust Him and know that He will lead you home in a victorious manner.

Also, don’t be afraid of the enemy. You are now a target like Jesus was. Satan hates God, and he hates anyone associated with Him. He will be unrelenting in getting you to turn your back on God. Remember that He is the father of lies, see John 8:44.

A lie that many fall prey to is don’t trust God. Satan likes to convince believers to keep God at arm’s length. Don’t let Jesus get too close. He dangles sweet, deadly “treats” to lure you away from following Christ. The good news about Satan is that Jesus’ resurrection rendered him useless. He is a defeated foe. In Christ, you have the authority to shut him up and he has to flee!

Seek like the wise men.

As you enter into this Christmas season, the greatest gift would be a heart that seeks like the wise men did. Ask God for a wise heart. He will be glad to oblige. May God reveal Himself to you in a new way. Pursue the greatest love story – Jesus and you 🙂

(United In Love will not be posting a blogpost this Thursday. Family is gathering to celebrate my brother’s life. It will resume next Tuesday.)

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