Tenacious Faith

Deciding to live by faith in God is much easier when you understand the two worlds that lay before you. Do you want to live by the world’s standards or God’s standards? One is about Kingdom living that will exist into eternity and the other has an end date. It’s a date only God knows.

In Matthew 20:20-28, Jesus explains two standards of living. God gives each person free will to choose which world he wants to follow. Many like to live in both worlds, but that isn’t possible. When you live in both worlds, your heart is divided; see 1 John 2:15, Revelation 3:15-18, and 1 Samuel 7:3. God wants you to follow His Son whole-heartedly where nothing is coming between you and Jesus. His sacrifice to save you demands your undivided attention.

You have a choice. Which world do you choose to live in? Only one will take you into eternity.

In the world, man wants to have a say. A mother asks Jesus if her two sons can sit to the right and left of Jesus in His Kingdom. Aren’t we the same way? We constantly ask, “What about me?” The disciples were watching this, and they joined in by becoming indignant. They were annoyed at what they saw as unfair treatment. “What if Jesus liked James and John more? What about me, Lord?”

Also in the world, those in authority like to flaunt their leadership. They like to lord it over others. We see this in every generation when studying history, and we understand why there is injustice, hatred, and chaos.

Now, look at God’s Kingdom. God is the one who prepares who will sit where in heaven one day. He is the one who chooses your mission on earth. You learn what His will is for your life in the Bible. You are called to live like Christ from this day forward. You are called to be His light in this dark world for you have become His Kingdom on earth.

How did Christ live while on earth? He came to serve, not to be served. This is a hard lesson for many to learn. Every day, you and I must battle the thought, “What about me?”, and put it aside and follow what God has for us to do. Do you desire to be a leader? You first must live as a servant. Are you willing to serve others? Do you want to be first? Then, become a slave. Look at Jesus with His disciples. He washed their feet; see John 13:1-17. Take the time to study about feet washing in His day. May you and I choose this same heart attitude as Christ.

How should you live the Christian life knowing that Jesus came to give His life as a ransom for many, see verse 28?

Now, read verses 29-34 in Matthew 20. You read about two men who had tenacious faith. They were persistent in making sure their paths crossed Jesus’ path. They realized that they had a need, they were blind. Nothing in this world could help them. They heard about Jesus, and they sought Him. They wanted to change addresses and live in God’s world instead of this dark world that we all know so well.

What need(s) do you have that keep you bound up, trapped, enslaved in this world? Are you desiring to seek Jesus at all costs? You need to be set free, and Jesus is your freedom fighter.

Look at the men’s persistence and attitude of their hearts. They could only sit on the sidelines and hear those passing by. They heard that Jesus was coming their way. So, they positioned themselves hoping their paths would cross His, and shouted loudly, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”

Is your heart the same as these men? Are you willing to position yourself so you will encounter Jesus, or do you expect God to meet you where you choose to be? You know, fit God into your life?

Notice what happened next. They were told to shut up and be quiet by people in the crowd. This is the world at its finest. The world hates Jesus. When you seek Jesus, the world will try to quiet you.

These two men decided to not listen to them. They shouted all the more and even louder, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” Why do you think they asked for mercy instead of healing? Pause here and allow God to speak to you on this.

We all need mercy and grace more than healing.

Their persistence paid off. Jesus heard them. When you call out to Him, He will hear you. He asked them what they wanted Him to do for them.

“We want to see.”33

In His compassion, Jesus touched their eyes. Instantly, they could see. What did they do next? Do not miss this. Many do. Many are like the 9 out of 10 men who were stricken with leprosy. Jesus healed them but only 1 returned to Jesus with a thankful heart. The other 9 carried on with life as usual in their own eyes; see Luke 17:11-19.

“Then they followed Him.”34

Jesus changed their sight and heart. Here were two men blind that could not see. They went from living in this dead world to Jesus transferring them over to the Living world where they walked united in Christ. They can now see, both physically and spiritually. Their hearts are alive and ready for whatever mission God has for them, all because they had tenacious faith.

In mercy and grace, we are healed. It can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Are you willing to transfer from this world into God’s world? It begins with you realizing you are blind. This world blinds you in so many ways. Then, do you desire to seek God’s Kingdom? You will find it when you ask God to cross your path with His Son. When Jesus comes knocking on the door to your heart, see Revelation 3:20, open it up and invite Him in. Know that His knocking may come in the form of convictions. If so, don’t ignore it, face it and let Jesus in. Jesus will lead you forward towards heaven. In the meantime, He’s going to ask you to love others and help them to find the road that leads them home.

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