Desperate Plea

Are you desperate for God to help you with something that is out of your control? In Mark 5:21-43, there are two people who needed help. The only place they could go for healing was to Jesus. They heard about His healing power, and they hoped for their own miracles. One is the desperate plea from a father whose 12-year-old daughter was on her death bed. The other was a woman who had a health issue that kept her isolated for 12 years. Neither situation could be helped on this side of heaven. Their only hope was Jesus.

The father and the ill woman had the same heart attitude: sad, heart-broken, desperate, tired, confused perhaps. Nothing in their own power could rectify the situation. They were hopeless. Yet, they heard about Jesus. Maybe, just maybe, He could heal a small child and a sick woman. Would He even want to? They didn’t know but they took the chance anyway. What else do they have to lose?

Where in your life are you desperate for Jesus to intervene? Is the waiting and wondering getting the best of you, causing you to tire and want to give up?

God gave Noah a huge task, one that made him look like a fool to the whole world. From the onset of His calling to seeing God’s promise come to fruition took around 100 years. Compare Genesis 5:32 with 7:6. Noah needed God to intervene at some point. He kept building a boat during a time when no one had seen rain before, see Genesis 2:5-6. People taunted this crazy man following God, yet Noah trusted Him and waited for the rain.

Mary and Martha lost their brother Lazarus. He was in the grave for four days, until Jesus showed up. See John 11 to learn more.

When the desperate father saw Jesus, he fell at his feet pleading fervently, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and lay your hands on her. Heal her so she can live.”23 The ill woman heard about Jesus, so she battled the crowds hoping to just touch His robe for healing.28

For the woman, her bleeding immediately stopped! She could feel that she was healed, and Jesus felt healing power leave Him. “Who touched my robe?”30 There is a great connection between Jesus and a recipient of His love and healing.

For the grieving father he received the worst news possible, “Your daughter is dead. There is no use troubling the Teacher now.”35 Aren’t we like this messenger? We think the end is here and we cease to hope. Little do we know that with God all things are possible, see Matthew 19:26. Jesus overhears the message. He tells the broken-hearted father, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”36

Notice how Jesus didn’t tell him that she will live. He didn’t give the father a sneak peek into what lies ahead to comfort him. He told him in the moment to not be afraid and have faith. Jairus was needing to trust Jesus.

This is the same for you (and me). In your most desperate hour, God won’t reveal what lies ahead. He will, though, assure you that it will be alright. Why? For the Lord is with you. He wants you to trust Him. This is faith.

Death isn’t the end when Jesus is involved. One has perpetual hope.

Where has death entered into your life? Death comes in many forms. It is more than physical death. Is your marriage hanging by a thread? Your relationship with your wayward child strained or a sibling or a friend? Facing an incurable health issue? Entering into a new season like empty nesting or planning retirement and wondering what you are going to do with your time? The death of the first half of your life is over with and you are facing an abyss of unknown territory. This is the season where my husband and I are in.

Jesus asked Jairus’ family and friends what all the commotion and weeping was about. “The child isn’t dead, she’s only asleep.”39 Now Jesus tells the family. Jesus has purpose in the waiting.

What looks dead to you, may not be at all. New life needs to be breathed in. Jesus needs to be allowed to direct the situation or relationship. He went to the bed of the young girl and held her hand, “Little girl, get up!”41 She immediately stood up and walked around!

There is no problem that God is not aware of in your life. There is no situation that Jesus cannot heal, unite, or mend. He hears your every desperate plea. He sees the pain in your heart and the tears in your eyes. He speaks to you in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep. He carries you daily fighting your battles.

Anchor yourself to Jesus.

Respond like Jairus and the cleansed woman. They went to Jesus with open hearts and open hands. They hoped in something bigger than themselves, and they found healing wrapped in love, grace, and compassion. You will too with every desperate plea you have.

I, too, have a desperate plea. God has ministered to my heart in the writing of this blog. He is with me, and He doesn’t want me to stop praying. “Carol, don’t be afraid. Keep the faith. What you think may be dead really isn’t. Sometimes people are only sleeping. Pray for an awakening.”

Faith remains strong when your heart is anchored to Jesus Christ. Remember that God hears your every plea. God hears your heart.

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