How To Be Successful In Your Faith

Back in the day, Jesus went town to town teaching about the Kingdom of God. Crowds of people followed Jesus to hear Him speak with authority and to experience His healing touch. They thought the Kingdom of God would begin right away since Jesus was there. Jesus needed to correct their wrong assumption so He shared a story that reveals the truth about His mission and how to keep the faith.

Successful faith is active faith. You can’t just sit by and wait.

This story is found in Luke 19:11-27. Pay attention to what you learn about Jesus. He is the main character of the story. He doesn’t tell anyone that He is the nobleman for no one would be able to fully understand what is going to happen to Him. Their minds wouldn’t be able to comprehend his death and resurrection, so He gives them a sneak peek of the future.

Jesus shares that a nobleman was called away to be crowned king and then he would return. You know that after His death and resurrection, Jesus took the seat of honor at God’s right hand (as King of all kings and Lord of all Lords); see Mark 16:19. As a believer, you (and I) are waiting for His return. In the meantime, how do you live each day faithful to the calling that God has for you? How can you live successfully where God is pleased?

In Jesus’ story, He gives a visual of how to be successful in your faith. The nobleman called forth 10 of his servants. He gave each of them 1# of silver to invest in while he was away. You (and I) have this same calling. God gives His children work to do. You are to live in such a way that you are investing your time, talent, and treasures for the Kingdom. Essentially, you serve God just like Jesus served His Father.

In verse 14, you read how people did not want the nobleman to be their king. This is true in every generation. There are many people who reject Christ. They don’t want Him to be King over their life. They want to live their own way instead.

Anyhow, the nobleman was crowned king and returned. He asked his 10 servants how their profits are doing. You (and I) will give an account one day to God in regard to how you lived life on earth; see Romans 14:12.

Jesus shares about the first servant. He invested what was given to him and made 10X the original amount. The second servant did the same and grew his investment 5X the original amount. The king was very happy and told the first servant, “Well done. You are a good servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted you. I will reward you.”17 He told the second servant well done also and rewarded him too.

Jesus comes to the third servant. Notice how he wasn’t as successful in keeping his faith like the other two. Instead of investing his time, talent and treasures for the Lord, he held on to it for himself. He hid it and kept it safe; see verse 20. He told the king, “Master, you are a hard man to deal with, taking what isn’t yours and harvesting crops you didn’t plant.“21

What was wrong with the third servant’s thinking?

Look at Jesus’ reply to the disobedient servant. How does the king respond to him; see verses 22-23? Then what does he do with the servant’s 1# of silver; see verse 24? Notice how others thought that the king’s action wasn’t fair. In human reasoning and how the world operates, this would make sense, but when you choose to follow Jesus, you now live by a new set of rules that reflect the Kingdom of God. God’s ways are very unconventional compared to the world.

Verses 26-27 reveal how to live successful in your faith. To those who steward the gifts that God has given them well, more will be given. For those who do nothing for their faith, like sit on the sidelines and watch other’s play in the game to build up the Kingdom, “even what little they have been given will be taken away.”26

Jesus gives harsh words in verse 27 about those who sit on the sidelines. Essentially, you are rejecting God by refusing to take your faith seriously. So, what are you doing with your faith and what God has given you?

Successful faith is grounded in God’s Word. Know it well.

My friend, steward well what God has given you. You came into this world naked and you will depart in the same way. Become like the first two servants and help build up the Kingdom of God.

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