The 411 on Reducing Stress

Let’s face it, life is taxing and hard. I believe every person faces some form of anxiety on a daily basis, unless you are sitting on beach sipping a cool drink feeling the warm breeze on your face. While some handle stress well, for others it’s a battle that is often fought alone. The battle comes from within and it can be debilitating. Whether mild or severe, God gives anxiety busters to help in calming yourself down as you abide in Christ.

Life can be difficult to handle.

Feeling stress while abiding in Christ is common and normal. It does not mean you don’t believe. Anxiety shows up because of the separation between living in your sinful body and God. One day that separation will close and you (and I) will forever be together with Christ for eternity. The battle between good and evil will be taken care of and anxiety will be a lost nemesis.

But until then, here are a few anxiety busters that God has given to me that have helped greatly. To start, ask God for clarity into what makes you anxious. For me, I went to a Christian counselor and the Holy Spirit showed up and helped me to understand why I get anxious. If talking with someone is new to you or a bit scary, let me assure you that God will be with you and much freedom and peace will be given to you. It was so worth my time. I can’t thank God enough!

Anxiety Diffuser 1: Don’t be mad. Do you get angry easily? How about frustrated? Unfortunately, I do and it causes angst within me. God has been helping me to let Him control it within me. He helps me to know that He is with me and I need to trust Him. Anger tends to show up when your grip is closed tight on things. You like control and have expectations. I am learning to loosen my grip of unbelief that lies deep within me; you know, those pockets of unbelief. You (and I) will battle them until God takes us home. Study James 1:19-20 and Isaiah 26:3.

Anxiety Diffuser 2: Guard your thoughts. When you keep your thoughts disciplined to God, the Spirit can move in healthy ways. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.” It matters what you think about. Study Philippians 4:8 and Colossians 3:1-4.

Anxiety Diffuser 3: Keep looking forward to blessings. God is constantly moving and establishing new things. Because God makes Himself available to all of us, He moves you (and I) from glory to glory. It is easier to stare into the unknown, but that is when fear and stress set in. Stare at Christ and be comforted and uplifted. Study 1 Peter 5:10 and Proverbs 4:25-27.

Anxiety Diffuser 4: Learn to abide with Christ on the Rock of your salvation. Do you believe that God never leaves you? Does your thinking align itself to this fact? Because of the separation between you and God, your thinking doesn’t align up all the time, thus you feel stress. God knows this and He gives you the Holy Spirit and His Word to keep you on track to believing Him 24/7. Study John 15:1-17. Try memorizing some nuggets of truth as well.

Anxiety Diffuser 5: Celebrate the good! You will find goodness everywhere. How? Because God is everywhere. Look for the positive side of things and give people the benefit of the doubt. God is working at uniting sinful man with His Son. Be a part of it and let’s all shine His light! Study Nahum 1:7, James 1:17, and Psalm 27:13

Anxiety Diffuser 6: Conquer the lies! Satan is unrelenting at telling anyone and everyone lies. Every believer must flip the script in their mind and believe the Great I Am; see Exodus 3:14. Notice how God is present tense. He is for you right now. Fill your mind with truths from God’s Word and believe the Lord and not the enemy. Study John 8:12 and Revelation 1:8.

Anxiety Diffuser 7: Guard God’s presence within you. Keep the peace of God at the doorstep to your heart and mind. Recognize what diminishes your peace and alters your focus away from God and change accordingly. Keep yourself aligned with God and alert to His presence. Study Exodus 33:14 and James 4:8.

Anxiety Diffuser 8: Live one day at a time. Be present in the moment at hand. It is so easy to live in the future, but God does not help you tomorrow. He helps you today. It is okay to plan and wish for tomorrow but hold on to it very loosely. Wait until God brings you to whatever tomorrow will bring. Study Matthew 6:31-34.

Peace replaces anxiety when God is present.

May these encourage you to walk fully in the newness that God has for you. As a child of God, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. There is no need to stress or be anxious for God knows what the day will bring and He is equipping you to handle it. He is helping me.

Whatever is unknown to me is not unknown to God.

So, stand on the promises of God and rejoice in your Lord and Savior.

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