Dancing With God

On this day of celebrating love, stop and take a minute to hear your Heavenly Father whispering sweet nothings in your ear. His love for you is constant, unchanging, and eternal. You hear these whisperings the best when you are the closest to Him. Often, God whispers when you are dancing with Him; hand in hand, cheek to cheek, swaying to the melody of His truths.

How in the world do you dance with God, you my might be thinking? When you sit in His presence, quiet and focused. When you read and write out scriptures. When you talk with Him about big things and tiny things. When you make God’s Son your priority as you walk in-step with the Holy Spirit.

It’s quite beautiful, to dance with God.

My parents loved to dance. Their wedding anniversary was February 16, just two days after Valentine’s Day. They would always go away for an overnight of dining and dancing. One of their specialties was the waltz. They glided as one across the dance floor. My dad held my mom with grace and love and led her along where she could completely trust His hand at leading her.

The waltz is God’s specialty, too, when He wants to dance with you. Jesus is asking you if you would like to dance. Go ahead and take His hand and allow Him to lead you onto His dance floor. He will hold you close and secure as He leads you around moving to His music. He will whisper sweet nothings that will make your heart come alive.

As you begin to dance with your Savior and Lord, you may not know His steps. Often, Jesus gets kicked in the shins or His feet get stepped on as you learn His dance moves. He doesn’t mind. You are willing to learn from Him and that makes God very happy. Eventually, you will get in a rhythm of following His lead and it becomes easier and easier. Like anything in life, it takes practice.

Practice begins with a willingness to give Jesus time. Read His Word. Don’t study it to simply know the facts, study it to know God Himself. Don’t study it to simply finish the assigned homework for Bible Study, checking it off your todo list. Study God’s Word and be changed by it. Jesus died for you. Jesus conquered sin, death, and Satan for you. Jesus resurrected to give you everlasting hope.

May your heart become His this Valentine Day.

(United In Love is taking a break for the next week. Going to spend some time with my daughter.)

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