The True Meaning of Lent

For Christians, we are in a season of a spiritual preparation before Easter. Many choose to forgo something that they love in honor of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for them. Often it has to do with something on the outside, like not eating chocolate or sweets. One may give up smoking or drinking, or fasting from social media.

While one’s heart is in the right place, God is looking for changes that happen from within. Changes that take place within your heart. Your heart is where God resides when you have chosen to follow Jesus. Your spirit dwells there and so does the Holy Spirit. What better way to prepare your heart than to ask God to make you more obedient to what He wants from you.

In prayer, with a humble heart, ask God to help you surrender your spirit to the Holy Spirit.

God has a plan. It began before the world was even formed. His plan has been in motion when God began Genesis 1. Throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament, you read of God’s loving, redemptive plan to save people from their sins. The Old Testament points you to the Sacrificial Lamb. The New Testament introduces you to Jesus where you learn why you need Him. Throughout both the Old and the New Testaments, you gain understanding that Jesus is returning, this time as a roaring lion! He is returning to judge the earth for the sins that it commits on a daily basis. This world lives in opposition to God.

Jesus came in love the first time. The second time it is for judgment. Jesus came as a little baby. He left as our Sacrificial Lamb. He became the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. One day soon, He is returning as a lion on a mission! It will be time to stop Satan’s reign on earth. He will be destroyed along with anyone not willing to walk in obedience to Him.

This Lenten season, what needs changing within your heart? If Jesus returned today, will He find you obedient? Every day is a new day to learn of God’s glorious mercy and grace. Your faith is a journey, one that keeps moving forward.

You don’t have to keep up with God, panting as you run wearily after Him asking Him to stop for minute so you can rest. That kind of race is what you are experiencing in this world. Are you tired yet? Do you wish for something more purposeful where you can breathe? You have it when you follow Jesus.

God walks with you. He gives you what you need today as He prepares you for tomorrow. He is always on time, and you are perfectly suited for whatever comes your way.

Take a few minutes and read Romans 2:17-29. What can you learn about religious misconceptions that keep believers from walking in obedience? Notice how believers were focused on the outside (their appearance towards others). What does Paul say about true believers, see verse 29.

Make this Lenten season the season of change. Whether you have just received Christ as your Lord and Savior or you have been walking with Him for years, every one of us needs to move forward with God on a deeper level making your heart right with God. Keeping it right is a challenge every day. Repentance, prayer, and obedience must be present daily. The Holy Spirit will be the One to make the changes within you. You cannot do it yourself. Ask the Spirit to do His glorious work in you moment-by-moment every day.

“A person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.”29

In this preparation time before Easter, what does God desire from you? Be brave and go beyond chocolate or withholding alcohol. Whatever it is, know that God will help you to overcome any sin, misconception, or lack of interest in going deeper with His Son. Ask God to reveal if you have a blase’ attitude towards Him. He will turn the lightbulb on in your mind to see and hear clearly. Jesus is returning soon, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of faith.

Today is the day for new life to bloom within you.

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