The Season of Giving

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to be the season of giving. Our wonderful Counselor who is our Prince of Peace gives daily. So much so, that He gives graciously to every person whether they have come to believe in Him or not. Jesus is the greatest giver and He does everything out of love.

Who is this God who gives all of Himself in such intimate ways? “He is the God of the multitude and the God of the individual. He is the God of the highways in our lives and also the God of the byways. He is the God of the big things that concern us and the little things. He does mighty works and sees to the smallest detail. Nothing you face is too big for Him to handle, and He will not overlook your tiniest need.” (Never Forgotten Always Loved by DaySpring, March 14).

Because of God’s giving nature, we are taken care of. Reread the above quote. Do we take the time to really realize just how much God takes care of us? My husband and I just got back from celebrating our grandsons’ first birthday over the weekend. We traveled by car from Minnesota to Kentucky. With all the cars on the highways careening over 70 miles per hour, and with all the semis getting goods to various places, why isn’t there more accidents? It’s because God has His hand upon His creation. He is in control for He is the Creator of the whole universe. The sun, moon and stars are in place because of Him. The sun orbits the earth at just the right speed because of Him. You are who you are and I am who I am because of Him.

And what does God think of it? When you read how God created the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1 and 2, God was pleased. “And God saw that it was good.”

God is the giver of all good things. What makes it hard to see HIs goodness at times is the repercussions from Genesis 3 that infiltrated every human heart from that moment on. Sin entered God’s creation and it ruined everything. Sin caused a separation between God and man. Man had to leave God’s presence for God is holy and sin is anything but that.

The only thing sin didn’t ruin was God’s love for man.

God sent Jesus to bridge the gap between filthy darkness and everlasting light. When you believe in Jesus and take the walk over the bridge into God’s presence, you are met with acceptance, understanding, and love. He receives you back clean, holy, and blameless. Not because of anything you have done, but because of the shed blood of Jesus that was poured out on the cross.

The world will be celebrating this momentous event in a few weeks. Will it be just a day of bunnies and eggs or will it be for honoring the One true God who gives in every season of life? Will this season of new life be the season of change within you? Sin cannot reside in a repentant heart beating for Christ. Sin must be dealt with daily. Will your life reflect His heart as He teaches you to give of yourself in loving others? Every day is the season of giving for a believer.

Jesus gives continuously, so should you.

Jesus serves faithfully, so should you.

Jesus loves unconditionally, so should you.

May Spring 2023 be one of giving. May we enter this new season with renewed hope and faith in the One who has our lives under control. When we first give to God by following His Son and obeying the Holy Spirit, He will fill us with Himself and all that belongs to Him. When we give to others in the same way God gives to us, we are being the hands and feet of Christ to a dark world that is desperate for love, His love.

In this season of giving, shine His light for all to see.

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